6 Ways To Improve Your Essay, Coursework or Assignment from a 2:2 (C) to 2:1 (B) Grade

Almost all students are capable of achieving a 2:2 but it is more difficult to reach the higher standard of a 2:1. Here are our top six tips to improve your essay, coursework or assignment from 2:2 to 2:1 grade.

  1. Improve Spelling and Grammar

    Errors in grammar and spelling frequently keep students from achieving a 2:1. To earn higher marks students are expected to demonstrate an ability to write clearly and fluently. Small mistakes in grammar and spelling indicate that a student has neglected to take sufficient time to review their own work, and this will affect the examiner’s opinion. One sure-fire way to help improve your essay, coursework or assignment grade is by proofreading carefully, and if possible asking someone else to check your writing for errors.

  2. Improve Structure

    Often the difference between a 2:2 and a 2:1 is simply due to the way the written content is structured. If all else is equal, the essay or assignment that presents a logical, linear argument will earn higher marks than one that presents the same details in a random or jumbled way. Try to develop an outline for your structure before you begin writing. Each paragraph should follow logically on from the one before it, and your points should accumulate to support your overall argument.

  3. Decrease Wordiness

    2:2 essays are often marked by excessive wordiness. Students who approach the writing task with the goal of simply meeting the required word count will often end up with work that is long-winded and not sufficiently analytical. To avoid this, take notes of your key points and the source material you can use to support them. This will allow you to compile enough concrete material to piece together into an overall essay, and you will avoid random or unnecessary statements in your essay or assignment.

  4. Use a Sufficient Number of Sources

    Another common mistake that keeps students at a 2:2 level is the lack of sufficient source material. Undergraduate student essay typically requires at least 5-6 sources, depending on the discipline. Students who use only two or three sources are less likely to earn a 2:1 because they don’t demonstrate sufficient research. In some cases, they will include several more sources in the bibliography, but in order to earn a 2:1 the writing must directly refer to each of these.

  5. Demonstrate Depth of Knowledge

    Examiners will award a 2:1 when the student has genuinely demonstrated their thorough knowledge of the topic. This means that a good amount of research and a degree of analytical thinking can lift your mark. Try to read a wide range of sources on your topic and be sure that you understand its context within your field. This will enable you to write about it in a way that reflects good overall understanding.

  6. Submit a Draft to your Tutor

    Finally, the easiest way to lift your mark from 2:2 to 2:1 is to submit a draft of the work to your tutor. They will be able to provide you with specific feedback to improve your essay or assignment, and if you follow this advice you are very likely to achieve a 2:1.

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