Kay Smith

About me:

While studying for an undergraduate degree in Law I took modules including law of contract, labour law, company law, constitutional law, legal methods, international law, jurisprudence, administrative law and law of tort amongst others. Following my professional qualification I worked as a lawyer for about seven years. The major areas of law in which I practised were human rights, legal drafting and conveyance and criminal law. I have volunteered with charities dealing with issues concerning disadvantaged persons of various categories and their welfare. I have also worked in a charity whose clients are mainly refugees and asylum seekers.

I hold a Master’s degree in Environmental law and policy from a UK University which I chose to specialise in because of my deep interest in environmental protection. My dissertation focused on criminal environmental legislation in the EC and the UK. My experience in law is wide and I am interested in researching most fields of law.



Planning Law and Environmental Impact Assessment (LAW 8047)

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