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Democratizing the local economy by market-driven forces is vital to every city. Investing in the health, environment, and economy of an area require strong political will. Public servants have the role of establishing integrative policies and programs that ensure the survival and prosperity of the growing urban society. At the moment, there is a global[…]

Yokohama City Introduction In simple terms, a commercial area refers to a particular geographic space with buildings in which business activities take place daily. On the other hand, a residential area refers to a geographical space or locality with buildings-whether, single rooms, apartments, or mansions occupied by people. There is a close relationship that exists[…]

Introduction Sustainability is achievable when the current development strategies meet the needs of the current generation without jeopardizing the capability of the future generation to meet theirs (Larson, 2007, p.236). The concept of sustainable development has played a significant role in the formulation of national and local policies in the UK. Presently, the legislation in[…]

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