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Melanie Bloom

I am currently developing a film festival programme for students, using my Honour's degree in Film and Tourism/Events. I received a first class for my BA degree for which I conducted both qualitative and quantitative …

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Ryan Crawford

I am a business graduate from the University of Bradford. I have recently completed my PGD from the Chartered Management Institute (CMI). My focus has been on Strategic Management and Leadership. I have considerable experience …

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Misha Cooper

I have a Master’s degree in international hospitality and tourism leadership from Wales University. I graduated with a distinction and got an award for the best dissertation. Through this I have also been given the …

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Emma Bell

I have a Masters Degree in International Tourism Management and am a self-employed Research Tourism Advisor and Marketing Consultant. I have also completed specialist studies in the literature and human resource fields. I have a …

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Andy Peel

I am currently undertaking a PhD studying social and managerial aspects of information systems, and enjoy the challenge of field work and methodological discussions with my peers. I hold a. My previous BSc and MSc …

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Elle Smart

I am a part-time lecturer in Tourism and Hospitality courses. I have two undergraduate degrees. The first is in Tourism and Hospitality Administration, the second – in Tourism Management. I am currently studying for a …

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Ama George

I completed my PhD in Business & Management from a UK in 2011. I have a BSc. in Economics, with minors in Accounting and Marketing. My second degree was an MSc. in Management Studies. I …

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