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Police wearing Body Worn Cameras (BWC’s) can in turn prove to the public that the officers can be held accountable for their actions Police-related shootings and use of force have increased over the years in the united states of America with cases being reported in states such as; Charlotte, Ferguson, Baltimore, and Chicago. These issues[…]

‘We totally reject drug trafficking. But drug trafficking exists because of the demand for drugs. We agree to help fight drug trafficking, but help us to find markets for alternative products.’ Farmer Leader, Yungas, Bolivia UNODC Alternative Development: A Global Thematic Evaluation (2005) Several policies have been adopted to combat illegal drug production. It has[…]

Overview This paper takes a Feminist Critical Disability Studies perspective towards post-humanist philosophy. The essence of this research inquiry is to reflect upon how dominant societal representations of constructed categories pervade conceptions of identity – both socially and personally. The focus of inquiry is upon the identity of disabled women. This analysis is facilitated through[…]

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