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Identity theft is a serious crime; it means using someone else’s information without their authorization and knowledge (Finklea, 2010). The Department of Transportation is carrying out the investigation of identity theft in falsifying aircraft maintenance records. An aircraft maintenance mechanic from Tennessee is charged with the forgery. However, the investigation is still underway. Two privately[…]

Always maintain a professional demeanour while in the service. Start your days early in the morning, before everyone else, every day of the week. Make your bed and brush your shoes before you go to sleep each night. Being physically healthy is an essential element of our service; we recommend that you go for a[…]

Army cohesion refers to the bonding of army soldiers for sustaining their will and commitment to the unit, mission accomplishment, and each other despite mission stress or combat. In the United States, an initiative called TIMS was introduced with the sole aim of building unit cohesion across the US army. Some of the activities being[…]

Introduction The Department of homeland security and defense plays a critical for the federal government of the United States. The sole purpose of establishing the agency is to ensure that the US and its citizens are safe. Risk management is a complicated matter that has to be handled by strategic planning and implementation of a[…]

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