Lucy Simmons

I obtained a Masters Degree with merit in International Security from a UK University. My core areas of study were international relations theory, terrorism and counter-terrorism, insurgency and counter-insurgency, and finally new security challenges. It was …

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Kate Jones

I work for the Office of the General Counsel at a top-ranked academic medical centre. I have a Master of Science in International Health Policy with a concentration in Health Economics from the London School …

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Rita Dee

I am a full-time research scholar working for an internationally reputed human rights and charity organisation. I have a Master's Degree (LLM with Merit) in Intellectual Property Law from Queen Mary, University of London and …

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Donald Gibson

I have a Master's degree in Oil and Gas law from a UK University. I am also currently studying for a solicitor's certificate with the Solicitors' Regulation Authority. During my spare time, I review legal, political …

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Rachel Roberts

I am a Financial Analyst, with a BA Hons in Economics and an MSc in Banking and Finance. I have obtained both degrees from two of the top three Universities in the UK. Following the …

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Dr Nick Munro

I gained a PhD in life sciences from a work renowned UK University in 2006 and then joined the UK National Health Service as a clinical scientist. Through my work, I get to meet people from …

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Chloe James

I have recently completed an M.Phil. in International Relations at a world renowned UK University and now intend gaining work experience in the humanitarian NGO field before I begin a Ph.D. I have worked for local …

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Andrew J Neal

I have a Ph.D. in Politics and my M.Sc. and B.A. degrees were in the multi-disciplinary field of International Development Studies (economics, politics, sociology, history, environmental sciences, and the humanities) and Anthropology (cultural and biological). …

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John Smith

I am currently PhD research student. My interests are effective management and successful model for project and project management in construction. I completed my MSc Construction Management and passed with Commendation. I have another qualification of …

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