Dr Mark Healey

I hold a doctorate in Political Science from the University of Essex for my thesis on Irish Abortion Politics 1992 – 1995 which examined the landmark X-case in 1992 concerning abortion law in the Republic …

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Richard Brown

I have recently completed a Master’s degree by research, the subject of which was political parties in Egypt and Tunisia both before and after the Arab spring uprisings of 2011. In 2012, I completed my …

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James Gibson

Dr Gibson is a postdoctoral researcher in the area of International Relations. He has a BSc in Social Science and Politics (First Class), an MSc in Political Research (with distinction) and a PhD in Government …

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Lionette Geniets

I hold a Master Degree in International journalism from a UK University, and a P.G. Diploma in English Journalism. I am a journalist/writer, and currently work with two other premier research agencies in the UK. I …

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Sam Roberts

I am a former corporate lawyer and published novelist. I have a Masters degree in Law and I am currently working towards a PhD in Medical Law whilst writing my second novel. My first degree …

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Stephen Babcock

I am a highly experienced writer and I currently run a critical theory blogging site which I set up after achieving my first master’s degree. I have always taken a keen interest in academic writing …

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Eirinn O’Hara

I acquired a wealth of writing experience during my years of academic study and have expertise in a number of subjects such as management, marketing, economics, media, humanities, social sciences, journalism, cultural studies and communications. …

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Keith Hetherington

Having recently returned from teaching English as a Foreign Language (EFL) in Brazil, I am working as a freelance private tutor. I have had similar experiences working as a teacher in Russia and as a summer …

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Anthony Adams

I have a doctorate from a UK Univeristy on Europol and the use of intelligence in combating cross border crime in Europe. This has also been my area of research in the past for the Home …

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