Operations Management

Kristina Robinson

I completed my Master’s in Human Resource Management at a UK University. I have also done CIPD certification which gave me insights into employment law and employee relations in the United Kingdom. Before pursuing my Master’s …

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Peter Thomson

I am a business technology graduate from Strathclyde University and hold a Bachelor's degree in Electronic Engineering. I have worked as a freelance content writer for two years and have some experience in working on …

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Christopher Mayers

I have achieved a degree in Chemical Engineering from a UK University. I am working as a full-time process engineer for a very well-known oil & gas consultancy firm. I have considerable professional working experience of …

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Andrew Smith

I have a BA in International Business and wrote a first class dissertation on international competitiveness. I intend to start a Master’s course in September as my long-term goal is to become a university professor. …

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James Carter

I completed my MSc in Manufacturing Engineering. I also completed my undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering. I am fond of writing and I received a first class score in my MSc and BEng dissertations. I worked …

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Alicia Macfarlane

I have qualifications from three of the best universities in the country: MBA from Durham University, MSc in Transport from Imperial College (awarded a studentship), and BSc Joint Hons (Grade 2:1) in Chemistry and the …

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Don Jenkins

I am currently pursuing my PhD in Management from a renowned UK university. I have a Master's degree in Strategic HRM from a reputable UK University. I have also completed specialist studies in the field …

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Liam Turner

I am a full-time head statistician working in the public sector with around ten years experience in both public and private sector positions. Previously I've worked as an analyst in both research and information roles. …

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Tina Parker

I hold an MBA and I am a full-time Business Project manager for a high profile charity organisation. .I am also currently studying for a Prince2 foundation certification with the Prince2 Institute. During my spare …

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