Operations Management

Jonathan Alberto

I am an MSc Logistics and Supply Chain Management graduate with Distinction from a UK University. I have a background in the field of mathematics, finance and auditing and have a wealth of experience, having previously …

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Andy Page

I am an admirer of Information Technology and work for a highly reputed educational institute. Computer Science is a fascinating discipline that has an impact on nearly every sphere of human endeavour and modern life. …

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Natasha Barnes

I recently completed my master’s degree in Corporate Finance. I have over four years of experience in HR as well as administrative management. I have also worked as a freelance editor for a south-east Asian …

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Elizabeth King

I am an experienced educator and strategy consultant with a business management degree and a Master of Business Administration qualification from Oxford. I have taught business management and marketing subjects at universities and I have …

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Neil Walker

I completed my Master Degree from a highly recognised university in the UK. My engineering background combined with project management expertise is an asset that helped me work on many challenging projects. With over five …

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Oliver Watson

I am a full-time business research analyst working for a content driven media company which produces information, research and marketing solutions. I have a master’s degree in Business Administration from Staffordshire, UK. Prior to my …

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John Stevens

I have an MBA in International Management from the University of Wales, UK, and work as a senior business analyst for a major financial firm in New York. Over a span of seven years, I …

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Stacey Stockwell

I hold a BA in Business Management and an MSc in Human Resource Management and Employment Relations. I am currently a full-time researcher with much experience in tutoring and providing guidance to university students in academic …

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Asher Trevor

I have a Master’s degree in Environmental Engineering and Project Management from a UK University and I have a background in chemistry. I have produced several research reports covering topics such as water, air and soil …

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