Alan Taylor

I have a Masters degree in Business Administration from a UK University. I am a mechanical engineer with six years experience in the oil industry. I I am presently working as a Sales Engineer for a manufacturing company. My hobbies are playing chess, cricket and listening to music. Formula One constructor attributes – a case study What…

Alexander Jones

I am an Honours graduate and hold a Masters degree in Advanced Marketing from a UK University School of Management. I have been in the world of academics and writing for the past seven years. I have helped many students to discover their true writing potential, thus helping them achieve academic excellence. Having worked for a…

Stephanie Dean

I currently work as a Business Process Manager in a multinational company. I have a specialised skill-set centred on process analysis, documentation and business process improvement. My industry and academic experience over the years have provided me with a practical and unique blend of expertise that serves as a strong foundation for academic research. I have a…

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