Beta Newton

I am a PhD student doing my research in the field of bone biology. I came to the UK four years ago to do my master’s degree in molecular medicine and, once completed, I worked …

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Lucy Wills

I have recently graduated from a reputed UK University with a first class honours degree in Applied Psychology (BSc). I have studied various aspects of psychology including social, cognitive, developmental and differential. I have expertise in …

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Kevin Abraham

Currently, I am pursuing my PhD working on a project related to wound healing. I am a merit holder post-graduate in stem cells and regenerative medicine from the Newcastle University. I have completed my Bachelor's …

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Angel Smith

I have a Master’s degree in Molecular Medicine and have completed my Bachelor’s degree with Genetics, Microbiology and Biochemistry as majors. I am working in a research laboratory and have a keen interest in interdisciplinary …

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Liam O’Brian

I am currently reading for a PhD in Biomedical Sciences in the UK. I hold a master's degree in Biotechnology also from a UK University. I have a scientific background in Molecular Biology, Immunology, Cell …

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Steph Garside

I am an experienced editor of scientific journals and writer of scientific/medical material with 10 years' experience. I also have several years of experience as a research assistant in a virology laboratory. I have a …

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