Sophie Richards

I am a currently a full time academic writer, with an MSc Degree in Forensic Psychology, a postgraduate diploma in Social Psychology and Child Development and a BSc Degree in Applied Psychology and Computing. I …

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Helen Davies

My Bachelor degree is in general Biology and I also hold a Masters in Human Molecular Genetics from Imperial College London. I have several years’ laboratory experience in state of the art molecular biology techniques …

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John Jacques

I am currently a student from Aston University pursuing my PhD in Cancer Research. My areas of speciality are biochemistry, molecular biology, microbiology, cancer studies, immunobiology and stem cells and regenerative medicine. I also have …

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Les Mullington

Formerly a senior researcher in biomedical sciences with experience in a broad range of subjects including molecular genetics and cell biology, I am now self-employed as a medical writer. My particular interest is therapeutic options …

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David Baker

I am a PhD student in Computing Science and my research area is Computational Neuroscience. I also work as a teaching assistant in the Department of Economics, teaching the subjects of Financial Economics and Economic …

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I hold a PhD in the field of neuroscience from a UK University. I have a Master's degree in Molecular Medicine from the same university and hold a B.Tech degree in Biotechnology. Throughout my academic career, I …

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Iain Crooks

I am currently working as a Research Associate in the field of Biological/Medical Sciences. I did my Masters in Pharmacology. I have good knowledge in subjects like physiology, pharmacology and drug discovery. I was also …

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Olivia Lyle

I have a first class Honour’s degree in Psychology and my research interest is predominantly in behavioural neuroscience, particularly with how certain drugs affect the brain and behaviour. I am a critical thinker and highly …

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Richard Colman

I have an MRes in Toxicology and a BSc Hons in Biotechnology, both degrees obtained from a top UK university. I had the opportunity to work professionally as a researcher in Germany, India and England, …

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