Niamh Sullivan

I work as a freelance translator and interpreter and hold a Master’s degree in International Creative Advertising (specialising in Marketing) as well as a Bachelor (Hons) in Sociology and German. I have lived in four …

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Andrea Brown

I have completed my MSc in Strategic Marketing with distinction. I have worked for a top financial services company as a Marketing Executive for several years. Apart from that, I complete independent Marketing Research and Consulting and …

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Tallula May

I have a first class honours degree in Sociology and Education Studies. I have lead on large-scale research projects across Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and England and have used both quantitative and qualitative research methodologies …

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Alice Cyphus

I have a masters in Communication and International Marketing and a degree in Communicative English. Over the past few years I have studied and written extensively on subjects like interpersonal communication, phonetics, sociolinguistics, international marketing …

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Rowan Truebody

I have worked in a variety of industries, including healthcare, human resources and marketing and promotions, providing analysis and reporting papers. I hold a BmedSci in Speech and Language Therapy from Sheffield University. I am …

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Adam Wright

I am a part-time senior lecturer and PhD student in E-Commerce. I have a master’s degree in telecommunication engineering and a bachelor’s degree in computing. During the course of my academic career, I have published …

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Rachel Roberts

I am a Financial Analyst, with a BA Hons in Economics and an MSc in Banking and Finance. I have obtained both degrees from two of the top three Universities in the UK. Following the …

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Ethan Adams

I have been working as a writer, researcher and consultant since 2004 and have written numerous articles and in-depth research reports during this period. I’m currently employed as a senior analyst at a leading media …

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Joseph Collins

I am a postgraduate with a BEng Honour's in Multimedia Engineering, a programme that addresses the engineering aspect of computer and electronic technologies. I am also about to complete an MRes in Electrical & Electronic …

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