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Assignment (3): Do a Brief Appraisal of International Law A Historical Perspective Although Western culture and its political organization provided the foundation of modern international law, the basic concept of international law could be discerned in political relationships thousands of years ago.[1] One of the first pieces of evidence of international law is a solemn[…]

Introduction The US drone programme has its roots in the Vietnam War when the Pentagon tested unmanned and unarmed aerial vehicles for intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance missions[1]. After the 9/11 terror attacks, the incumbent President of the US, George W. Bush, ordered US drones equipped with missiles to seek and kill Al Qaeda leaders[2], setting[…]

“At the beginning of the twenty first century it is no longer true to say that the international legal order is primarily concerned with the activities and legal relations of sovereign states, other types of actor now qualify also as subjects of international law. Explain and discuss this statement by identifying the new subjects of[…]

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