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1 Introduction Human Resource Management is increasingly becoming an important and critical issue for organisations operating in developing countries. The proper management of human capital can create an enduring competitive advantage for organisations, as this resource is impossible for other organisations to replicate. This essay examines the different factors which influence the management of human[…]

What is Cirque Du Soleil’s approach to global staffing and how does this reflect its cultural values? Cirque Du Soleil is not only a transnational company, it is also what can be described as a blue ocean company. Cirque has created value in the area of entertainment by offering something that has not been offered[…]

Introduction Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are very important to all economies and the majority of businesses in the UK fall into this category. According to the Department for Business Innovation & Skills (BIS; formerly known as the Department for Business, Enterprise & Regulatory Reform, BERR), SMEs accounted for more than half of the employment[…]

HRM as a concept is one which is perhaps the most debated in terms of its empirical meaning or form. Keenoy (1999) likens HRM with a hologram, as HRM also changes its appearance as its image is moved around. A shift in the stance of HRM reveals “another facet, a darker depth, a different contour”[…]

Introduction In the face of increasing competitive environment organizations have to focus on the value of investments in human resources as a major source of competitive advantage. Although business strategy as a means of competition is common conversation in the executive suite, taking a strategic approach can be especially beneficial for staff functions within companies,[…]

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