Roger Stan

I graduated from a UK university with a master’s degree in International HRM. I also hold a first class MBA degree in HRM from my home country and am fully committed to and interested in …

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Oliver Watson

I am a full-time business research analyst working for a content driven media company which produces information, research and marketing solutions. I have a master’s degree in Business Administration from Staffordshire, UK. Prior to my …

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Juliana Smith

I was awarded two degrees (BSc in International Business and BSc in Law) before I received my Master’s degree in Law and Accounting from the London School of Economics. I have been working as a …

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John Stevens

I have an MBA in International Management from the University of Wales, UK, and work as a senior business analyst for a major financial firm in New York. Over a span of seven years, I …

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Stacey Stockwell

I hold a BA in Business Management and an MSc in Human Resource Management and Employment Relations. I am currently a full-time researcher with much experience in tutoring and providing guidance to university students in academic …

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Hannah Taylor

I am a HR graduate, who is currently studying a second master’s degree in Travel, Tourism and Hospitality Management in London. During my study, I have worked in various roles in different sectors, from being …

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Patrick Chambers

I am an administrator, life coach and writer. I have a Master’s degree in Business Administration from a British University (Human Resources Management). I have demonstrated success in problem identification, offering solutions that show careful …

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Amy Mcgill

I am an experienced writing, communications and marketing professional with over a decade's experience in the fields of management, business, strategy, market research and human resource management in multinational and multicultural organisations. My writing experience …

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Allen Mccarthy

I am a fully qualified ACCA member and have a First Class BSc (Hons) degree in Applied Accounting.I am currently employed as a finance manager for a company which holds several investments across the UK. …

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