Alan Taylor

I have a Masters degree in Business Administration from a UK University. I am a mechanical engineer with six years experience in the oil industry. I I am presently working as a Sales Engineer for a manufacturing …

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James Anderson

I am final year PhD student at Lancaster University, having completed my Masters in Business Administration at the same university. I have six years of teaching experience at university level and three years of experience …

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Robert Clary

My qualifications include a master’s degree in International Marketing and a bachelor’s degree in Business Studies and Italian. I have been a freelance research writer for six years, and have worked for two online agencies. …

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Carion Jackson

I received my Masters in computing from Swansea University, and have been running my own business in the UK and abroad. I therefore have developed wide and extensive knowledge in all fields of business. Having …

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Ama George

I completed my PhD in Business & Management from a UK in 2011. I have a BSc. in Economics, with minors in Accounting and Marketing. My second degree was an MSc. in Management Studies. I …

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David Silverman

I have a master’s degree in Management, Organisations & Governance from the London School of Economics. My undergraduate degree was in Management Studies from the University of Nottingham. I have a particular interest in entrepreneurship …

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