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Alex Phillip

I have a Master’s degree in Pharmaceutical Science from a UK University. I have done a presentations on 'Determination of Phthalates Level in Dust and Childcare Articles Using GC-MS', 'Alpha-1 Adrenoreceptors Blockers as an Anti-hypertensive Drug', …

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John Kelly

John graduated with an honours degree in Pharmacy before pursuing postgraduate study in bioinformatics and a PhD in Chemical biology. He is working in a leading UK University as a pharmaceutical research scientist. His areas …

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Margaret Jane

I am a postgraduate engineer with an MSc in Bio-Engineering from the University of Nottingham. I have awards for 'best student' and 'best project'. I hold a Bachelor of Technology Degree in Electronics and Biomedical …

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Jasmine Ferrari

I am a pharmacist with a Master's in Pharmacy and a postgraduate diploma in community and primary care pharmacy, a supplementary prescriber, and a specialist in substance misuse. I am due to start a PhD …

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Jennifer Anderson

I am a full-time e-learning manager for an educational organisation, developing online courses (mainly postgraduate MSc). Prior to that I was a full-time senior lecturer at one of the biggest universities in London. I have …

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Elliot Whitman

I am a registered nurse with over ten years' experience. I have a BNurs (Hons), an MSc, with distinction, in Nursing, and I am currently writing up my PhD thesis in Nursing. I currently work …

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Kevin Abraham

Currently, I am pursuing my PhD working on a project related to wound healing. I am a merit holder post-graduate in stem cells and regenerative medicine from the Newcastle University. I have completed my Bachelor's …

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Safire Mitchell

After completing a first class degree in Sport Science, I went on become a clinical researcher within the health sciences, focusing on therapeutic interventions for medical conditions. Whilst on a postgraduate research programme, I was …

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Lila Evans

My name is Lila and I am quite a vibrant and curious person by nature. By profession I am a psychologist and a journalist. I completed my MSc in Rehabilitation Psychology from the University of …

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