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The film on Gilbane Gold outlays various phenomena details. These details relates to an overwhelming increase in toxic waste in the city’s sewage system; A case of engineering ethics. Individuals point an accusing finger on high tech industries in the region. These industries as claimed have increased pollution by increasing toxic waste in the sewerage[…]

Introduction The breaking down of the earth´s rocks into smaller particles forms the varying sizes of soil, which again constitutes part of the earth’s surface. This process, also known as weathering, occurs due to physical forces and chemical processes leading to the development of the parent material (regolith) for soil formation. Physical weathering alters the[…]

Rising sea level is the cumulative effect of polar caps melting, loss of ice from West Antarctica, and thermal expansion of seawater. The ocean can absorb as much as 80% of the heat—the heat absorption results in thermal expansion contributing to the sea level rise. The polar caps have been melting since 1970; in addition,[…]

Introduction China has developed and adopted different environmental policies over the last ten years. These policies are developed with the idea of controlling different operations in different sectors of the country, including in the industrial sector and the Two Control Zones (TCZ). The main challenge that face the environmental policies in China arise from the[…]

Introduction Pollution is an environmental issue that affects most of the countries in today’s world. Pollution can lead to increaseof disease, reduced expectancy as well as reduced a country’s overall quality of life. Background of research There are a lot of worries about the state of the environment across the world. Purchasing behavior of consumers[…]

Society today grapples with one of the main challenges facing environmental pollution (Lofrano et al., 2017). Exploration of state-of-the-art and innovative technology is ongoing for mitigation measures associated with water, soil, and air pollution. Sewage, effluent from industries, heavy metals, harmful gases, herbicides, particulate matter, and pesticides represent a small fraction of the worrisome pollutants.[…]

Greenhouse gases are defined as “the gases with the properties of absorbing infrared radiation released from the surface of the earth” (Kweku et al., 2018). Carbon dioxide (CO2), water vapours, nitrous oxides (N2O), methane (CH4), and fluorinated gases are few examples of greenhouse gases. The greenhouse effect, on the other, is caused due to the[…]

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