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Introduction The Internet started as an internal communications link in 1974, to facilitate the transferring of military information and for research purposes, before being capitalised to a mass-customised information flow. The capability in transferring information to disparate sources using network topology with a front-end browser was envisioned for mass use. In October 1991 , the[…]

Introduction E-commerce is defined as the purchase or exchange of goods and services over the Internet, between individual consumers, businesses or other organisations. It started out in the 1970’s as an industry standard called EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) which was a structured way of exchanging data between companies, mainly to simplify purchasing and supply procedures.[…]

1. Executive Summary Expansion into France is a viable option to Paraiso’s effort in internationalising their brand. The similarity in culture, proximity to Spain, its high volume of gross sales and high fashion sense make France the ideal location. The five forces analysis concludes that the fashion retail industry in France is attractive yet competitive.[…]

Set your mind back the first time you heard of an ‘Online eCommerce Business’. Were you asking ‘What is online business? How does it work? Is it safe?’ and so on. These days all industries, from retail to travel, logistics to agriculture, are wired one way or another. Take for example the success of Amazon.com.[…]

Abstract Over the years, organisations have looked for more convenient and safer ways of carrying out their business activities. When smart cards were introduced, an opportunity was provided for organisations to have a more effective and consistent method for payment and verification of transactions. However, sellers need an assured payment for goods and services, while[…]

1.0 Introduction Designing and developing information systems involves carefully managing people, processes, tools and technology. It necessitates having a clear understanding of the role each entity plays, and overseeing the relationships between them. The intricacies of designing and developing systems vary, depending on the size of the systems in question. Over the years, software and[…]

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