Susan Karin

I am a science editor and news writer for a large, non-profit charity and research centre. I have master's degrees in environmental and earth sciences and journalism from UK and overseas universities. I previously pursued an academic career …

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Ava Blackmore

For as long as I can remember I have had a passion (it can even be called a hunger) for learning and for many years, this passion has extended to writing. I have written numerous …

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Hannah Taylor

I am a HR graduate, who is currently studying a second master’s degree in Travel, Tourism and Hospitality Management in London. During my study, I have worked in various roles in different sectors, from being …

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Amy Mcgill

I am an experienced writing, communications and marketing professional with over a decade's experience in the fields of management, business, strategy, market research and human resource management in multinational and multicultural organisations. My writing experience …

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Harry Parker

My first degree was in Media Studies, which I completed in 2006. Since then I have worked in the public and private sector as a Sales Manager for a publishing company and I have five …

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Tom Worthy

I obtained a first class with honours for my English Literature and Film degree from Newcastle University. The degree included some work in media and cultural studies and education. I am currently undertaking research for …

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Helena Klein

I have been lecturing at various British universities for several years. I am currently a freelance writer and I have contributed to a range of publications from academic journals to magazines. Academically, I have a …

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Lionette Geniets

I hold a Master Degree in International journalism from a UK University, and a P.G. Diploma in English Journalism. I am a journalist/writer, and currently work with two other premier research agencies in the UK. I …

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Edmund Entwistle

Experience in working with multinational corporations on internal and external communication projects, as well as professional involvement with employees on all hierarchical levels, helped me gain a very good understanding of the human dynamics that …

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