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Olivia Lyle

I have a first class Honour’s degree in Psychology and my research interest is predominantly in behavioural neuroscience, particularly with how certain drugs affect the brain and behaviour. I am a critical thinker and highly …

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Richard Colman

I have an MRes in Toxicology and a BSc Hons in Biotechnology, both degrees obtained from a top UK university. I had the opportunity to work professionally as a researcher in Germany, India and England, …

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Kathryn Brown

I am a science graduate from a university in London and am currently reading for my Master’s degree in Medical Sciences at a world renowned university. I have worked for various pharmaceutical companies, internationally, in Research …

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Beta Newton

I am a PhD student doing my research in the field of bone biology. I came to the UK four years ago to do my master’s degree in molecular medicine and, once completed, I worked …

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Kate Griffin

I have a strong academic background. I have recently completed my MRes Translational Medicine (Pharmaceutical cancer) from the University of Manchester with a distinction for my dissertation. I have also completed a Bachelor's degree in …

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I am a graduate from Aston University and hold an MSc in Pharmacology with distinction. I have been working as a medical writer in a private firm for a long time and have good experience …

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Mathew Till

I am an environmental specialist for a reputable environmental consulting and engineering organisation, and I am responsible for environment impact assessment and risk assessment report writing and evaluation. I have a Master’s degree in Environmental …

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Alex Phillip

I have a Master’s degree in Pharmaceutical Science from a UK University. I have done a presentations on 'Determination of Phthalates Level in Dust and Childcare Articles Using GC-MS', 'Alpha-1 Adrenoreceptors Blockers as an Anti-hypertensive Drug', …

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Margaret Jane

I am a postgraduate engineer with an MSc in Bio-Engineering from the University of Nottingham. I have awards for 'best student' and 'best project'. I hold a Bachelor of Technology Degree in Electronics and Biomedical …

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