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It is somehow interesting how animals can challenge or rather a problem in our daily lives due to what causes animals to become problematic. Cultural knowledge of nature/culture links is necessary for animals to be construed as a problem. To establish this thesis, the author leans on interactionist views regarding social concerns and cultural geography[…]

The use of animals in research has been a heated controversy for over ten years. These debates arise from the differing views and feelings people have for animals. Some see animals as champions, while others view animals as a means to advance medical techniques (Gluck et al., 2002). Regardless of how people view animals, the[…]

Abstract The purpose of this report was to assess the effect of genomic selection (GS) on the animal breeding industry. The report discusses the molecular theory behind the technology, the advances which facilitated its development and the key features which make it desirable to the animal breeding industry. The report focuses on the impact GS[…]

Introduction Canis familiaris, or the domestic dog, is believed to be the world’s oldest domesticated species. One of the most widely held theories is that it is descended and evolved from Canis lupus, the wolf, around 14,000 years ago (Clutton Brook, 1995). Like its ancestors, the domestic dog is an extremely sociable, pack animal, but[…]

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