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Published: 2021/11/17
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This document is an analysis of the competitive priorities between Printroom and Melbourne city printing companies. The document compares the competing priorities between the two companies, giving the importance of each of the priorities to each company. The competitive priorities are classified from three perspectives. First and foremost, they are classified based on the cost. Under cost, we have the price; how do the companies price their services or goods? The second classification is based on the differentiation of the companies. The companies may differ in terms of the quality of design or the quality of conformance. Lastly is grounded on response—the companies’ response to speed, dependability, and flexibility. Printroom Printing company specializes in producing business cards, calendars, notepads, flyers, and brochures. Melbourne City Printing Company aims to provide a wide range of printed products with a range of creativity in design, web development, and other print management aptitudes. This company prints leaflets, flyers, booklets, documents, postcards, invitations, manuals, and many more. In addition, it offers finishing options such as laminating, data merging, and drilling. The two companies compete favorably based on the six major competitive priorities.

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First and foremost, the two companies operate based on the quality of design. Quality of design provides the fit between the services and products with the needs of the customer. The producer intends to offer the best quality to the customers. Melbourne City Print has a slogan that focuses on providing quality products and advice and a classic service to the customers which are non-competitive from the competitors. This company creates a design from scratch, modifies the existing artwork, and creates a print-ready file. The workers are qualified and creative to create a design according to what the customers yearn for. The Melbourne Print City maintains the up-to-date versions and works efficiently to ensure projects are sorted. They change the designs to fit the customers’ requirements. The Printroom company works on the policy that they offer top-quality printing. It focuses on providing complete creative solutions for businesses and ensures that projects are completed, and targets met.

The two printing companies ensure that dependability is met. Each company works to make sure that the customers depend on their services. The dependability is achieved by assuring customers of better services. The print room printing company works on the policy… ‘’our print specialists can offer guidance, tips on creating effective cards, and even help you with design.’’ (Printroom, 2021). This makes the customers dependable on it for their services. Melbourne City Print has just about everything to help promote businesses. It supplies a range of products that are promotional and marketing covered.

The two companies are flexible to counter competition. Melbourne city Print helps with all branding aspects and corporate ID with a range of signage products. They also turn around projects abruptly to fit the customers’ needs. The Printroom company is an end-to-end convenient that means that it is flexible based on the customer’s needs. The speed of service for the two companies is pretty the same in that they provide most of their services online. Quality of conformance means that the services meet their design specifications (Bragg, 2021). The two companies indeed focus on the excellence designation of their products. Lastly, the two companies offer affordable prices for their services.

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Melbourne city print enjoys the priority of dependability more than the Printroom because it primarily focuses on providing the finishing services… ‘’if you haven’t found the service you are looking for, here’s what else we can offer….’’ (Melbourne city Print, 2021). This includes services like copying, laminating, trimming, and many more. The flexibility priority favors the Printroom Company more. This is because on its primary focus to be more ecofriendly….’’Printroom is doing its part to create a healthier and more sustainable environment.’’ The other priorities seem to balance each other.

For a business to compete favorably, it has to put into consideration these competing priorities. These priorities are correlated and play a significant role in sustaining the competition of any firm. These priorities relate to the operations of the companies. The two printing companies discussed here seem to balance these priorities; however, the flexibility and dependability priorities significantly outweigh each other.


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