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Published: 2021/11/16
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The Chief executive officer (CEO) is the individual with the highest ranking in an institution. The CEO controls all the business activities and is responsible for the organization’s overall success. A CEO is responsible for all components and departments of a business which includes; planning, creating, implementing, and integrating the company’s direction. Furthermore, they also ensure that the leaders are aware of the internal and external landscape competition. However, they may ask for opinions from colleagues in the organization, but they present the final decision making. In the discussion is the review of my experience at Ford motor company as the new CEO;

Being a CEO in this motor industry is an outstanding achievement. However, there are several challenges which I am facing as a new CEO. First, the company is not in good condition; the company has experienced a decrease in sales, leading to billions of money (Susa et al., 2018). Dealing with mistakes that never happened on my watch is a great challenge, especially when I do not know the root cause. Establishing the course of the problem will be the first step to avoid repeating such.

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Also, due to the huge loss experienced, there is no enough capital to fund the company’s main activities, and thus we will rely on loans. Criticism from leaders in various departments, especially those involved in the company’s past decisions. Having these executives as the only support for the past five years has contributed nothing, but the downfall is a challenge. They also are not happy with the idea that I have taken the position, yet it is not in my professional line. They believe that they should be the ones, and I have no choice but to depend on them. Even though I am a performer at Boeing Company, these leaders see me as an outsider.

Ford’s company is underproductive since it is the least productive automaker in North America. Product launch of a new product at Boeing is after several years while at Ford are after a few months (Janssenswillen and Depaire, 2017). Finding new ways to speed up the manufacturing process and ensure that the products meet the market is demanding. Lastly, to understand the environment, this is different from the previous field of profession. Differentiating what models of cars the buyers want calls for interactions with the United Auto Workers Union. The automotive industry is highly changing, and therefore partnering is the only way since no one is capable of everything.

I would address the critics of being an insider by presenting the working progress of my previous profession. First is my good credentials; after September 11 terrorist attack, the Boeing company had few orders, but I was able to increase its commercial to even a higher profit. I would advise them to look keenly at their progress for the past five years to show them that they should investigate themselves.

Making them figure out why their former CEO decided that only an outsider can change their state of production. My achievement is clearly shown as an engineer and a businessman since I have developed the newest company models twin-engine 777 jetliners and fuel-sipping 787 Dreamliner. This invention is a clear and true explanation that can work to my advantage. Presenting clean credentials is the only way to win people’s trust whereby a healthy working environment is created. Therefore, it will achieve the organization’s goals hence an increase in production.

Business process review meetings are the methodologies in a business that allows one to understand its activities more. Business process analysis benefits the organization for the following reasons; corporate implementing strategy helps achieve its goals by enforcing changes in day-to-day activities. It ensures that the business process is continuous, daily working progress is maintained. Businesses miss their targets if operations do not match with the operational systems. When a company register s consistent success, other companies are attracted therefore establishing a relationship.

Also, an effective process of communication is established, making it easier to raise the objectives. When team members understand their organization’s roles, organizational strategy is simple because of a unified language between the staff and other workers. New team members are updated and trained throughout the process. Formalizing and documenting protocols leads to a thriving organization by driving control and consistency. Updating business activities help employees to do research hence improving their decision-making for the best.

Moreover, it makes it easy to keep track, especially in huge organizations. Resources are well utilized by extracting maximum values from the available resources. The business analysis process improves workflows, thus easy to identify mistakes and improvements. Risks are avoided; hence efficiency is high, and a culture of improvement is created. Finally, a significant competitive edge is gained due to those described advantages. Most performing companies gain success through considerable investment and not business models. Ford’s company requires the above reasons to have an effective and successful manufacturing process.

As a leader, I plan to ensure maximum production and provide a healthy working environment through supporting operations and administering board members by advising them. Educating them on the importance of interactions and informing one another as a way of promoting unity. Also, inventing a program that involves explanation on how to market the company globally through promotions and delivery of quality products. Researching financial and risk management by recommending yearly budget approval. This approval will help to manage the organization’s activities and help plan the available resources. Establish good public relations with the community around especially the stakeholders. Connect with other organizations to learn new productive ways available in the market without companies’ consent. It is the right game plan for successful business activities within the area and globally. Due to a clear plan of doing activities and ensuring the workers are contented with organizational activities.

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My game plan’s vision in this industry is to provide the best quality product to the customers. The achievement of this vision is by improving the model of the product through modern technology. Through research conduction, there is much hope that the motor industry will produce an automated car monitored through computers. The technology will reduce accidents that occur due to fatigue and will be less time-consuming. The aim is to thrive in the company’s development by guiding it towards long-term success. due to the reasons stated, it is clear that the CEO’s main and unique work draws on a reasonable perspective that cannot be accessed from the rest of the organization workers until the CEO gives an accessible through choices and actions every day.

To thrive as a CEO, one must be a prudent manager and an inspiring leader. A business mindset is required to see a clear picture in the set number of varieties. They take action in enhancing the company’s cash flow while considering the human factor perspective. The CEO is in a position that ensures that a company’s aim, standards, and mission are relevant for the future and present and for the businesses the company is in. The CEO can and must make the interventions necessary to keep purpose and values focused on the outside.


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