Industry and Organization Research Report

Published: 2021/11/15
Number of words: 1331


Organizations and Industries have a code of ethics that guides individuals in the workplace in decision making and in activities that revolve around the employee’s reputation and ensuring that one has effective productivity (Youth Opportunities, 2021). Ethical behaviors in the company ensure that the employees work with complete integrity and honesty while meeting the organization’s aims. Similarly, they also make employees make better choices and, in turn, increases productivity. This report is a descriptive reflection of the background, interests, achievements, and connections that I observed in the organization, ‘Youth Opportunities’, and noted how essential ethical plans are critical to an organization.


The principal methodology used in this research was observation and collection of individual testimonies. The sources of this piece of information are pretty reliable as they include tangible pieces of evidence such as school reports.

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Youth Opportunities is an organization founded in 1977 to develop leadership skills in adolescents and young ones. This was through giving these young people the right skills and tools to make appropriate life choices, reducing the chances of unemployment (Youth Opportunities, 2021). The founders provided the first school-based leadership program to two schools in Smithfield Plains High Schools and Adelaide’s North Salisbury. The program expanded to more schools across South Australia and Metropolitan from the positive outcomes. With a new objective and directed forms of intelligence, the Youth Opportunity has grown and is looking forward to improving the lives of more youths.


The main interests of the Youth Opportunities organization are all young individuals and children who are still in school, and also those who have finished their high school education, to receive motivation and inspiration. The organization’s mission statement is to create opportunities for young people to become leaders and develop lifelong skills, habits, and confidence to thrive (Youth Opportunities, 2021). As these young people are the next generation, thus they need guidance to ensure that they do not go through hurdles. The organization’s main interest is to make these youths personal leaders by giving them skills and habits.


Most of the participants of Youth Opportunities have come out with testimonials that have defined how impactful the program has been to their lives. In 2019 and 2020, the organization has registered about 3,072 inspired individuals who benefitted from the program amicably. Youths who have graduated alongside parents have spoken of how the program changed their lives and their children, respectively (Youth Opportunities, 2021). The leadership programs done by Youth Opportunities have proven to change the attitude, confidence, and various skills of individuals who have participated in the program.

The organization does not have any upcoming events due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Still, the main events it participated in, such as fundraisings and donations, have been enabled on the website. The organization is a profitable business venture; thus, it could benefit from these charitable sources. Similarly, since the beginning of the COVID pandemic, the organization helped financially. The program was now driven from physical participation to online, where several people got the chance to participate. Therefore, the organization has moved all its events, such as fundraising and donations.

Controversies, Positive and Negative relations

There are no relative controversies that have been placed regarding the organization, but there are certain factors that Youth Opportunities do not guarantee. As much as the program aims at giving individuals the best skills and motivational behaviors for their future, it does not guarantee them certain benefits such as employment or having leadership positions in their lives. The organization’s main aim is to instill in youths these skills that they will be required to apply in the future, but this does not guarantee employment (Youth Opportunities, 2021). They encourage the child to be innovative and create self-employment for themselves. Therefore, the business has no bad word in the public, but it does not assure the graduates’ employment after completing the program.


The main competitors to the organization are UN youth Australia, which is known to be the most prestigious youth program in high schools, and HeySuccess, a youth platform available to students worldwide. These programs give the same products and services as Youth Opportunities, but these organizations have risen fast since people realized that this is a beneficial business opportunity. The youths of today have portrayed some sense of disregard for life. Thus, parents felt that their children require programs and classes meant to redirect their thoughts and goals in life. These programs all came with the same target, thus creating competition with Youth Opportunities.


The organization has several associates, including media partnerships, corporate partnerships, and skilled volunteering. Youth organization partners which various medical channels such as SynergyIQ Podcast and Interview with Pilko on Five AA. It also has a corporate partnership with Living choice, the leading corporate partner in the company through financial investments. South Australian business communities also have the opportunity of partnering with the program. Skilled volunteers also collaborate with the organization in providing mentors and workers to reduce staffing costs and administration. The central employees in the organization are volunteers, thus making it a cheaper approach. Therefore, Youth Opportunities has media, corporate, and volunteer partnerships.


The organization benefits immensely from its political factor as it is found in many schools and learning institutions. It has recently given me the advantage of pursuing the program online. The economic factors which profit the organization include the membership and participation fee. Social factors are the core tool in the company as these individuals are meant to empower each other. Technological entities have been of benefit recently due to the pandemic, as the program is now online. Therefore, the organization profits from political, economic, social, and technological factors.


In conclusion, Youth Opportunities is an organization that aims at creating opportunities for youth by giving them lifelong skills and habits in becoming personal leaders. The organization has the interest of ensuring that these individuals receive motivation and inspiration. They have no upcoming event, but they are up for fundraising and volunteerism. Youth Opportunity faces competition from other organizations, but they always aim to produce the best individuals rather than compete.

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Ethics plan

The main ethical challenge that I may face in this organization may be disrespect from the employees or the youths. This may be so as some children in the program may feel as if their parents or guardians force them. This may stir some rudeness to the mentors as I had applied to be a mentor in the program (Verschoor, 2018). I expect this kind of misunderstanding. One of the students was rude to the mentor, as I observed in one of the online programs. This seemed wrong the mentor seemed helpless.

The first step is understanding that these issues may arise and prepare for them. Secondly, the following approach is to address this matter with the youth (Verschoor, 2018). As a mentor, I should tell the child that what they have done is entirely wrong, and they should apologize for their mistake. Conversely, if they do not apologize for their mistake, the matter should be handed to administrators (Verschoor, 2018). These ethical issues are bound to happen in an organization, and as a reasonable adult, I should follow these moral steps and approaches.


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