Essay on Why Women Should Rule the World

Published: 2021/11/24
Number of words: 601

The world was initially inhabited by women, an assertion controversially posited in the why women should rule the world article by Nuwan Senaratna. The sexes differentiation came about as a result of the English language which was not yet conceived when women were the ones who ruled the world and men were not in existence yet as asserted by Senaratna. Males were brought to life through the genes of the females when the eukaryote mutated and triggered the chain of events that were necessary for man to be alive as posited by the article. The asexual and sexual worlds are also contrasted by the author of the article (Senaratna, 2020). The inadequacy of men, perceived by men themselves, is brought out as a downside of the sexual world according to the author himself. The glass ceiling has not been broken yet and the higher heights are yet to be reached by the stifled voices of women whose voice has been muffled by men like Bojo, Putin, Trump and other men of their ilk according to the article’s author. All across the world, the voices of women are now starting to be felt courtesy of the ways that they have devised to let the world know of their plight which is the wanton discrimination. The discrimination stems from a point of being left out since across the world, the significant and important offices and posts are occupied by men.

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Globally, the position occupied by men is not disregarded and discredited wholly by the article, making this one of the bright spots of the work by Senaratna. The ability to reproduce particularly distinguishes asexual beings from sexual ones, and it also gives a distinct leverage to the sexual beings and this assertion is widely backed by scientists and researchers according to the author of the article (Senaratna, 2020). The findings generate a contradiction since the claimed parallel world is difficult to wrap one’s head around and its general form is hard to picture as admitted by the writer himself. The presentation by the article of evidence to back the assertions that in the beginning females existed in the absentia of men has not been fulfilled and this starts to poke some holes in the story and also discredits it. The English language and gender and the association that exits between the two has not been proven by the article and this proves to be one of the article’s Achilles’ heel. A female will never be regarded as a man, whether the English language existed or not, I reckon. Wild accusations are made by the article when the author posits that the world’s evil and bad deeds can be traced back to a man, this is completely false. In any case, in the majority of circumstances, the aggressive of troublemakers are mostly women.

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The upside of the works of Senaratna is that the societal niche of each sex and what each gender brings to the table is well documented and it comes out very clearly. Nonetheless, the troublemaker tag associated with the men in the article does not bode well for the equality calls of both the men and women. The argument of the author that sex and the English language have some kind of relationship seems to not hold any water. Women are more favored by the author and his work would have been better if those prejudices were eliminated.


Senaratna, N. I. (2020). Why women should rule the world – On Philosophy. Medium.

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