Essay on Planning a Teenage Birthday Party

Published: 2021/11/17
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Hosting a peaceful and successful teen party can be quite a hectic task, but if you know how to plan for it can be blast! You want to ensure the party is fun but at the same time you also want to ensure that there is decorum without killing the mood and the vibe of the party. Additionally, teens can get out of control at times and if not managed accordingly, things can get out of hand and get ugly pretty fast as they did in Becky’s party. To avoid such an awful situation and ensure a wonderful party, here are some tips that Becky can incorporate.


Have a chaperone(s)

Having a trustworthy older teen who can act as a guardian in the party is great thing. Teens can get rowdy and having someone capable of managing crowds is a big plus. Becky will need to inform the chaperone of the rules and together they’ll ensure that they are adhered to. Similarly, this will ease her from the pressure of having to enforce the rules and allow her to enjoy the party as she should.

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The number of chaperones will be informed by the number of guests at the party.

Make a guest list and send personal invitations

Making a guest list is important as it helps to make prior arrangements such as buying food and drinks. If Becky had made a list before, they would have made food arrangements early and her mother would not have had to go for food in the middle of the party. Similarly, having a list helps to make personal invitations and have only people one is comfortable with at the party. Sending personal invitations will ensure that unwanted people do not have chance to gate crush.

Assign a designated area to keep valuables and lock it

To avoid a situation where valuables such as phones, watches or money from being stolen as was the case, Becky will need to assign a specific lockable room where the valuables will be stored until the party is over. If her mom will be present, she should give her the keys to the room. This way no one will have unauthorised access to any valuable belonging to another person preventing cases of theft.

Avoiding posting photos until the party is over

To avoid bad characters from getting wind of the party, Becky will have to refrain from posting photos on social media until the party is over. She will also need to make rule that no photos of her party should be posted until it is over.

Have a security guard

Although necessary measures to prevent unwanted people from coming to the party have been mentioned, it is always good to have a plan of how to deal with gate crushers. Becky might need to hire a security guard or have an adult to act as a security guard in case there are any gate crashers who might appear.

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Inform the parents of the party goers

It is important to inform the parents of the party goers since most of them are children under the age of 18 years. In the previous birthday party, Becky forgot this vital element of planning a party. For her next birthday party Becky should inform the parents of her friends that she will be hosting a birthday party.

Register the party

Having the party is registered with the police is a good contingency plan. Becky can do this so that if trouble arises the police can respond promptly.


If Becky applies most if not all of the recommendations I have stated above, then she can be assured of a peaceful and successful birthday party.


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