Essay on Ethics Has No Place in Business

Published: 2021/11/11
Number of words: 653

Ethics in Business has been essential in that it supplements the law by delineating the conscience in Business. Some people contradict the sense of suing these morals in Business because Business aims at earning profits. Incorporating ethics in Business will therefore compromise the running of a business. Moreover, the business owners are in charge of their companies, such that if a company is cooperative, managers are responsible for its running. Due to guidelines required in Business, Ethics should have no place in Business.

Every Business has its ways of running aided regulations to be followed, setting rules can involve business ethics. According to (Alex 2006), a business organization can impose regulations that can be against the law of the society, and therefore it will be unethical to the community members. These laws might have been put in place by the managers to avoid losses. In this case, considering, the unethical decision will be for the good of the organization.

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Technology has played a significant role in Business in that moral statements might not be accorded effectively. According to Taylor (2006), there has been an improvement in communication around the globe, making it practical for monetary organizations to trade more cheaply and effectively. People will spend most of their time doing Business. Based on this fact, People would have meager time to interact with their family members. Distancing oneself from family is socially immoral.

In conclusion, deciding the unethical ideas in a business is the best resolution for a company since it would help the organization attain its concerns which are maximizing profit. Some issues can be considered immoral by society, but according to the authorities, it is one of the strategy of earning more profits.

Kohlberg’s Views on Moral Decisions

There are six stages that a person undergoes when developing the ability to handle ethical issues. These stages are interdependent and proceeding stage is more improved and collocated. Kohlberg’s research shows that not all people can manage to undergo all the six development stages, therefore, most people persist change during their initial stages of life development, consequently, the ethical thinking of people during the late stage is superior to the ethical reasoning during their early stage. As an individual develops from one stage to the other the they start thinking morally since they can tell what’s right and wrong

The earliest stage is Conventional level where if one gets stuck at this stage, he/she will only see the ethical motive only to avoid retribution by doing what he has been summoned to. According to (Kohlberg) there are those who get to the next stage; postconventional, stage take a logical and criticizing view taking into consideration the ordinary ethical standard that they had been thought. This will dictate their ethical norm with regards to moral truth that they decide since they are rational.

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Individuals at preconvention stage only makes decisions based on how their own needs will be hindered, in that account, their decisions are only convincing to the individual’s category. Velasquez (2021) claims that all decisions that are made are based on ones level of thinking. During rationalization of their views people at postconventional stage have got a greater way of making their justification based on their opinion that is sensible and any rational being can second. In this case, at the latest stage, people make decisions that are moral.

Conclusively, as the person moves from one stage of development to another, he/she develops the ethical norms of the society.


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