Essay on Compare and Contrast iPhone 6 and Galaxy S5

Published: 2021/12/15
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Apple and Samsung have been rivals on the mobile phone manufacture industries. The two industries have had different marketing strategies. Their strategies in the market have made the two giants meet their various market share expectations. Therefore, the two companies focus on customers’ needs. Focusing on customer needs ensure that companies maintain huge sales rates.

In relation to iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy S5 various marketing strategies set the products on the market. iPhone 6 in the market marketing strategy concentrates on the introduction of a 5.5-inch version. This would be the first time the company participates on the Phablet market. The launch of the product would rival the sales of other competitors (Beer 1). It is the perception of Apple that the project will rival Samsung S5 sales of 10 million.

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The important marketing feature of iPhone 6 that rages of other competitors includes its marketing strategies. Apple understands that to gain a competitive edge in the market advertisement is vital. According to an organization providing marketing insight on the company in South Korea, the Iphone5s has a success in the region. The organization’s products in the market take a first position in comparison to Samsung, LG and others. The organization uses media to market their products (Beer 7). The internet is another feature used in marketing Apple’s products. Therefore, customer focus is on great concern to the company. In meeting this objective, the company conducts yearly extravaganzas. The media of communication for the company include online add on the internet. Social media is another field of application as well as other medium.

Samsung Galaxy S5 and iphone 6 marketing strategies

The marketing strategy of iphone 6 product lies with creation of innovative products. The firm advertises it products over the media and the internet. The marketing strategies of the organization include Ease-of-Use of products. The company promotes users friendly devices to its market. The company also communicates information through creation of brand awareness (Beer 3). Another important feature of its marketing strategy is on the maintenance of secrecy before launching. The company however has faced stiff completion from rivals. Samsung is a strong competitor for Apple Inc products.

To rival the iphon 6 product the company introduces Samsung Galaxy S5. In the present Smartphone war field, Samsung has been able to wreck havoc to Apple Inc. Samsung once an organization specializing in manufacture of refrigerators becomes a Smartphone manufacture giant. Sudden changes in marketing the organization lies on advertising, smart engineering and the volatile market. Although the market situation consists of many players, Smartphone wars are a game of two players (Beer 3). By market share Apple and Samsung share the spoils. The marketing strategy that distinguishes Galaxy S5 marketing strategy and iphone 6 consists of various actions. The product marketing strategy consists of the information on the new features of the product. Marketing endeavors of the product facilitate inclusion of the features of a finger reader. The company understands that their consumers like durable products. The marketing of the product is the creation of low cost products to meet consumer needs. The product of the organization further ensures that consumers receive seamless and faster connectivity. The perception of Smart phones by users is that it wastes on time.

However, the Galaxy S5 wishes to change perceptions on Smartphone usage. The use of Smartphone is advantageous rather than waste on people time (Beer 4). Through broadcast on its features in Brazil, the company received applause for its features of dust and water resistance. Since Smartphone’s have been, a tool of productivity waterproof properties ensures productivity. Other features that receive applause on the social media include the ability of users to check their heart rates. The device further has the ability function for a full day on a 10% battery charge.

Communication Media

Apple Hot news feature advertises various products of the iphone. The Apple watch that is compatible with iphone 6 is a personal device. The wristwatch is an important feature for fitness and health. Its engineering provides innovative features while at the same time providing traditional features. The watch comes in different designs and distinctions. This revolutionary product will influence people’s lives. The organization further communicates with the public through print media fronts (Beer 5). The organization has done various advertising campaigns that made it a success.

Samsung products had been lugging behind in relation to Apple designs. Various advertising strategies have made the organization the largest in terms of revenue in the sector. The marketing strategy of the firm includes the “Ultimate fast follower”. The term places the organization at the top of the table since they value customer needs. This means that the organization is conversant of competitors as well a market need. The marketing of the Galaxy S5 follows the needs of customers. Through its brand advertising, the firm focuses on price, product features and the needs of customers (Beer 1).

The Iphone 6 product additionally has features that are packed with new technology and designs. The new features of the phone communicated to customers include the size of the HD display. This brand comes with two models. One model has a 5.5 inch while the other has a 4.7-inch monitor. The advertisement of the device provides another level of satisfaction. Companies head comments that the phone is the most loved in the world (Beer 4). The company satisfies their needs to making it a better product in the phone market.

Another feature that comes clear in print and online advertisements is the launching of Apple pay. The feature works in iphone 6 devices. The marketing tool in this case implies to customer’s maintenance of credit. The services are a strategy to maintain loyal customers and to gain new ones (Beer 1). Another aspect of the feature is that Apple does not record history of transactions while using the service. This ensures that customers receive payments at their convenience.

Competing Smartphone Strategies

Over the couple of years, there has been a series of launches and releases of Smartphone on the market. Apple has been the domineering player in the phone industry. However new players to the extent Samsung have brought competition leads the pack. The company has relied heavily on advertisement and marketing. Although skeptics argue that Samsungs popularity is dwindling, the company baffles researchers. The marketing strategy that took the company to its current location is its cooperation with Google.

Having Google as a partner, Samsung has been able to market its products to diverse destinations. The organization further use Android features that is user friendly. The other part of its success is the compatibility of its software and hardware (Beer 8). It is also imperative to note that the internet application front assists in the advertising of products. It is true that Samsung’s Galaxy S5 front matches Apple software progress. However, customers understand that the organization uses a different hardware.

Samsung has been able to conquer the market by providing diverse models of phones. On the other hand, Apple only concentrates one product. The product of consideration for Apple Inc is the iphone6. The classification of features in diverse fronts for Samsung ensures that they have products of diverse products (Beer 6). Price of products for organizations is a matter of concern. Customers may enjoy the services of smart phones at a bargain. It is also important to note that Samsung’s advertisement is customer centric.

It became true that in order to penetrate the market Steve jobs set certain changes was important. This then meant that Samsung had to change its philosophy on marketing and advertising. The company head says that the marketing strategy is “Consumer- Benefit- focused” (Beer 2). The features of the device show a series of exchanges. Samsung product marketing front includes the use of Facebook as medium. The launching of the product became global news using Facebook.

The communication from the customers to the company is effective. The company has a team operating its websites. This assists in launching advertisement and in answering Customer queries. The online front on the other hand is a marketing structure of the organization. The other approach of the organization is the observation of aspects that promote positive media. It has been able to exploit on the technology of Apple. The firm has been able to use Apple’s designer in forming its products.

iPhone 6 and Galaxy S5 Market Position

Apple has been a step ahead of Samsung on the Smartphone market. Its Iphone 6 featured device has a considerable influence in the market. However, with an increase in competition Samsung has overpowered iphone’s position. Reports the Smartphone industry on illustrates that Samsung took an additional 32.2% of the market share. This was after the influence of the Galaxy S5 in the market. On the other hand, Apple’s market share fell to 31.9% from 40.5 on the same period. The success of Samsung is marketing structure border on the facilitation of low-end devices. The other side of the scenario is that Apple release Budget phones to the market.

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Perhaps the introduction of Iphone 6 will provide features that might be economical. Nevertheless, Samsung’s influence relates to a hard campaign on people’s minds and hearts. The company has a formidable interaction with customers in providing product placements (Beer 4). Customers on the further enjoy the services of Samsung as compared to that of Apple. This is because Samsung advertisements points out to the availability of free apps to customers.

Additionally, Galaxy’s customized screens have an impact in improving the market share of the company. Apple’s iPhones are less discounted than Galaxy S5. It has a set-price strategy that has been of use by competitors to their advantage. The marketing of Apple’s products meets stiff competition from Samsung. Samsung provides same products as Apple but less expensive (Beer 3). Despite the competition from the two rival companies, both are partners. Samsung is the leading supplier for Samsung’s components.

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