Essay on Black Americans Demands Can Be Halted As the Nation’s Needs Are More Important

Published: 2021/11/05
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Emmett J. Scott, article “Negroes to Play Creditable Part in Present War With Enemies,” published in the black-owned Pittsburgh Courier on December 20, 1941, a short period after Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor, is a clear depiction of Black American recognition. The article, which was written after the Japanese launched a surprise attack in Pearl Harbor, one of the Us Naval bases that resulted in many Americans’ destruction of properties and death, calls for Black participation as American citizens. The author’s main aim is to describe how it is high time for the black people to end their past anger for the humiliation they were receiving from the Americans. Therefore, they can unite to fight for the enemies attacking American like Japan is a necessity as it is the same period when the nations entered into World War II. Although the black people at the same period before 1941 were subjected to varied oppressions, the Scott, article describes a new era of recognizing the inherent potential of Black people in America in assisting the country to fight back their enemies. Thus this paper aims to critically agree with Scott that “Black citizens’ grievous wrongs are now subordinate to the national will and purpose.[1]

During the war and enemies attacking the USA, the black Americans putting their range towards the white Americans was necessary as the nation’s needs are necessary when the nation is under war. As depicted by Scott’s argument, Black Americans need to put their grievances aside because the nation’s needs during the war are more important than their previous resentment between blacks and Americans. As first introduced by the author, that the war has come to United States and not to whites only is a clear indication that the impending dangers that faced Americans during the war from other countries were holistic to affect all the American citizens, whether white or black.[2] A good example was depicted during the Pearl Harbor attack, where all American races were affected. As Scott moves further to depict that in 1941, all the races of American were faced with destruction from enemies necessitating Blacks to forget painful history and liaise for a common enemy. As Scott describes, the unity of the American people has been challenged because the history of black people and the white Americans had a boundary of classes and enmity created when the Black in the United States were subjected to slavery and oppression.

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Holding the hostility between the Black Americans and the Native Americans constant during the war with the enemies attacking the United States like Japan, Germany and Italy is a clear recognition of the great potential role of Black Americans in safeguarding the Americans as a whole. As pinpointed by Scott, in war as in peace, ideologies of freedom, liberty, and equality for the history of Black Americans have been their struggle. Still, their aspiration for a democratic nation will be achieved through their willingness and participation towards fighting the enemies attacking the United States. Besides, the Black Americans need to put their grievances aside because when the State is at war with Japan, Italy, and Germany, it cannot be assumed. Their history of fighting and developing America is evident, and halting their grievances and supporting Americans is an indication of patriotism. As Scott argues, the armed support that the Black Americans are going to put in place to fight the enemies of the United States is an indication of their loyalty to the commander in chief of their country. This will, in return, depict their loyalty and patriotism towards protecting the democratic country that they have been aspiring to.[3]

The ability of Black Americans to pause their grievances until the war ends is for their benefit of attaining their desired democratic country, which they can only acquire when America is at peace and not with war. Since unity is a paramount tool in fighting a common enemy, Black Americans putting their grievousness aside and purpose towards fighting the national wills as their demands cannot even be enjoyed if America was to be attacked. As pointed out by the author, when the war that is before the America is over, the Black Americans demands can be brought back to table for discussion and get a final solution when the country is at peace.[4] Without forcing the Black Americans to support the war against the nations like Italians, Germans, and Japanese that are provoking world peace, they should realize that the united states are fighting for its good, but it is liberation and peace for all the nations. Although the black Americans have not received citizenship for years and their historic problems had not been resolved for long, their contribution towards democratic principles for nations cannot be assumed. After the end of the tribulations that they face from surprise attacks from their enemy. As depicted by Scott, the Black Americans did not recognize the war that was fought by Negros in 1917 and 1918; despite their suffering, bewilderment, and disillusionment, their democracy can be hastened by their participation in national matters rather than their persistent desires.[5]

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Scott argument that Black Americans can first cease their personal conflicts with Americans for the rights and liberty they have been seeking until the nation has settled the disagreement with other nations. It is worth acknowledging, and it is not a form of forcing them to abandon what they have been seeking. They can only get their democratic principles where America is at peace as, during the attacks like in the Pearl Harbor, all the races suffered in the United States. Besides, the Black Americans should not perceive their indulgence in a war against the three enemies as the trickery of their historic fight for America without their rights being considered. At the end of the war, it will necessitate complete unity, determination, moral courage and for the United States to emerge victorious as depicted by Scott. Conclusively, the war provides the Black Americans with a new chance to portray their support for peace in America as they had always done. Therefore, halting their demands when America is under attack is an avenue for them to depict their determination of the spirit of their citizenship.


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