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Writers Rewards and Benefits

Our standard pay rates for writers are as follows:

PhD Standard – £95 to £135 per 1000 words

Master’s Distinction level – £74.50 to £82 per 1000 words

Master’s Merit level – £53 to £62.50 per 1000 words
Master’s Pass level – £37.50 to £47.50 per 1000 words

Undergraduate 1st standard – £65 to £72.50 per 1000 words
Undergraduate 2:1 standard – £46.50 to £55 per 1000 words
Undergraduate 2:2 standard – £32.50 to £41 per 1000 words

  • The rate varies depending on the complexity of the work and the deadline you are asked to work to. On some occasions, we even ask our writers to name their price for a particular piece of work.
  • If a client requests you as their writer we pay a £10 bonus on each order they request you for and you accept.
  • We pay our writers twice a month, so there’s no waiting until the end of the month to receive your money.
  • We also operate a ‘Refer a Writer’ scheme, where we will pay you £50– £75 for successfully referring of a new writer. This fee is paid if the applicant is successful and goes on to complete a specified number of orders with us.
  • Our best writers also get Christmas bonuses!

As a freelance writer you will have complete flexibility. Not only do you have the choice of how many assignments you undertake, but also whether you would like larger briefs such as dissertations or smaller essay services or report type assignments. In addition to the fantastic benefits outlined above you will:

  • Gain new skills as well as improve the ones you already have
  • Have support from the office, who will listen to your feedback and views
  • Work for a company that truly values their writers
  • Have work which is not only interesting but challenging


Never Plagiarise & Always Produce High Quality Work

We believe you will not find another academic writing job where you are valued so highly. People are our main focus; our customers, our office staff and our writers. We have freelance writers from all walks of life that have found our work the perfect job for them. Working with us and our clients can be very satisfying. It is a great student job or graduate job, as you have the opportunity to develop your own knowledge and boost your own academic success by producing quality pieces of work.

Flexible writing jobs with numerous benefits and plenty of opportunities like you would find here with us are not easy to come by. Our writing jobs are perfect for those interested in freelance writing and who meet our high standards. If you have a minimum of a 2:1 degree from a UK university, don’t let your knowledge go to waste. Freelancing and researching for us could be just what you are looking for.