Top 5 Tips for Settling Into University Life

Settling into university life can be difficult. It often involves moving out of your family home for the first time. Great change creates new experiences but some people find these differences in lifestyle and responsibility hard to get used to. Here is our advice list that can help students settle into their uni life.

  1. Don’t try to get on with everyone

    Did you get on with everyone in your school? If you did you were very lucky. It’s important to remember that your University is essentially a large school, you will meet some people you don’t like. It’s not your fault, it might not even be their fault but it will happen. Forcing yourself to be around people you don’t get along with (for whatever the reason may be) is not a good idea. Find people you actually like and do your own thing.

  2. Always show up

    The worst thing you can do at University if you are feeling anxious is to not turn up to lectures. It is especially important that you show your face at the first lectures, seminars and workshops. Once you’ve turned up you’ll soon realise that it’ll be ok. It is likely that you’ll make some lifelong friends on your course over the next 3 years, it all starts here.

  3. Surveys

    Yes, no one enjoys filling out surveys, but you actually can make money for doing so. In fact, you can potentially earn up to £5 per survey from sites such as MySurvey UK, and many universities conduct surveys whereby if you complete it you are entered into a lucky dip for cash prizes. It may not be the most enthralling way to spend your time, but it’s an incredibly easy way to make money whilst sitting in your room.

  4. Sell your old books

    This is a favourite of students, particularly those whose courses require them to spend loads of money on textbooks. Once you know you won’t need them anymore, offer to sell your books to other students – you can guarantee there will be a taker. There are usually Facebook groups for this kind of thing at different universities, so it’s a quick and easy way to get some money back.

  5. Get a part-time job

    The most obvious way to earn extra money as a student is by getting a part-time job. There are usually many job opportunities in university cities, the most popular among students including waiting, bar work, call centre work, promoting and campus jobs. These jobs are generally flexible so can fit in easily around your studies, and usually offer decent money. Getting a part-time job at university also looks great on your CV, so get looking!




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