3 Things to Remember as You Return to University for the Second Semester

Are you feeling down? That must be the ‘second-semester blues’.

The second term at the university is often the hardest. Also, it is always a very interesting time. After making it through the first semester, whether it was hard or not, you took a break for a few weeks to unwind. Now, it’s time to regroup and get back to business. Here are some tips to help you as you return to Uni for the second semester.

  1. Stay organised from the beginning

    Disorderly living space will equally perpetuate disorderly and messy academic habits. Don’t postpone the unpacking process. Though it appears tedious and insignificant at the time of returning to university, professional dissertation writers suggest that your possessions should be unpacked and neatly stuffed away to allow for a greater thinking space in your room. Confusion and disorder often thwart productive work, so keep your environment tidy to keep healthy academic progress.

    Organise your finances! Don’t spend all your money on buying new textbooks. The tuition fee does not always cover the cost of books, and textbooks for the whole semester can be a far greater amount of cash that the one you received for your allowance or monthly stipend after the break. Rather than wasting £500 and draining your allowance, purchase textbooks that are marked “used” or available to rent. This way, you can start off the second semester a bit less broke than the way you started the first.

  2. Stay healthy and active during the semester

    It’s winter in the UK during most of the second semester, and this means that the weather is cold and unreliable with clouds making regular appearances and snow in some parts of the country. As a student, it is easy to get stuck sitting inside your dorm room working on your coursework or just avoiding the weather. According to essay writing services UK, staying healthy and active during the winter months can be a big motivator and actually improves your mood, helps you to be more productive, and keep you happy even when it is horrible outside!

  3. Focus on the Future

    It is difficult to look far ahead to the end of the second semester at the beginning of the term. As your workload begins to pile up, planning becomes more critical and also more difficult. So, why don’t you try something new during the second semester: put everything on paper. As soon as you receive your curriculum and coursework submission dates for the term, mark them on your calendar and record them in your planner. Why? This is an excellent way to ensure you do not forget important assignments but also shows you how the semester progresses. You will notice that there is this one week during which all of your assignments seem to be due.

    Professional coursework writers advise thinking about these moments in advance to help you start your assignments early enough as well as inform your friends and family of the period you will be too be busy to be social. Having a semester-long plan enables you to feel more prepared keeping you on the path to academic success.

Finally, remember that some semesters have lighter loads than others, but this does not mean that the tips change. Strive to make the semester count and to do your best even when the going gets tough. Also, remember to get all the help you need when it is necessary. Don’t suffer in silence, especially during stressful moments of the year like during exam time, and you think there is no one to help you. It is worth remembering that expert advisers are always available if you need them.



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