Best Student Apps

As the use of technology in university teaching continues to increase, a range of helpful apps has been released that can make students’ lives much easier. Here we check out 5 of the best:


While some students still prefer the tried and tested method of taking notes with pen and paper, app Evernote is very popular among those with a digital preference, and it is one of the best note taking apps out there. It lets you take notes in pretty much any way you want and stores all your important learning information in one secure place. Other functions include bookmarking, clipping and to-do lists. The app also allows you to share notes with other users, which is especially helpful for group work.

Office Lens

Office lens is basically a portable scanner which allows you to take pictures of documents and convert them into Word, PowerPoint or PDF files. It also works for things like whiteboards and even receipts, meaning it can be really useful for managing your budget. Office Lens can save you loads of time copying documents onto your laptop and also allows you to instantly store all your important information for later use, so you won’t have to worry about looking after the tonnes of paper your tutor gives out. Hey, no more folders!


GoConqr is a great learning and revision app that allows you to access a range of learning resources including mind maps, flashcards, quizzes, slides and notes. You can create your own resources and also access millions of documents created by other students, teachers and professionals. GoConqr is also great for collaborative learning, allowing you to connect with friends and other users across the world in order to share ideas, advice and feedback. So if you’re after an app that allows you to maximise your learning, look no further!


Learning how to budget effectively is an essential skill for any student, as financial stress can negatively impact your studies. Luckily, apps such as Goodbudget can make budgeting much easier, and help you save money. This app allows you to divide your money into virtual ‘envelopes’, such as groceries, phone bill, rent etc. in order to keep track of your spending. It also has loads of handy extras, such as billing reminders and reports. You can also sync across devices, so you can link the app to your laptop to keep an extra eye on your budget.

iTunes Podcasts

iTunes podcasts is a great resource for students that provides free educational content from some of the world’s leading universities. This feature contains a wealth of information from different universities, including course materials, lectures, podcasts, language lessons and audiobooks, so it is a great resource for students. This is a great way to broaden your academic learning and pursue your own personal intellectual interests. Apple previously contained this information on a separate tab in iTunes called iTunes U, but they’ve recently moved it to the podcast area to make it more easily accessible.



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