Top 10 Funny Dissertation Topics!

It’s always hard to think of a title for your dissertation. The topic you choose will form the most important part of the whole project, so the pressure is on to come up with something good. However, if you’re stuck for ideas, here are Top 10 Funny Dissertation Topics: you can decide whether they were approved or not!

  1. Netflix and chill: a study of modern day courtship

    This dissertation topic is certainly current- and you’re sure to get lots of primary data from your friends! We’ve never seen a dissertation that lists ‘Tinder’ as one of its sources, but there’s a first for everything and in terms of originality, firsts are key!

  2. The end of the world: why we’re all going to die in a fiery inferno

    The best dissertations will inspire discussion, so a good option is to choose something current and controversial. Perhaps you could even aim to find a positive outlook!

  3. A dissertation written entirely using emojis

    Those of you who are tech-savvy will love this funny dissertation topic. Ever since the Oxford Dictionary made the ‘Face with Tears of Joy’ emoji its word of the year, emojis have never been more popular. So why not join the trend and get your texting thumbs at the ready!? You would have to pray that your tutor was young enough to understand what was going on.

  4. Can you take selfies in space?

    This idea is out of this world. It may seem ridiculous, but it’s been proven that choosing a dissertation topic in a new field of research can get you more marks. Tutors will love that you are pushing the boundaries of academia, never mind the fact that no one will have the same idea as you! It might be a little hard to gather primary research though…

  5. Why does the human race find it so hard to make decisions? (I haven’t decided why yet).

    Struggling to find evidence for your thesis? Why not conclude that the evidence is inconclusive and blame it on the fact that you are human! Just make sure you sound clever while you’re doing it.

  6. The freezer was too cold and ruined my laboratory samples

    When your laboratory partner accidentally ruins your experiment, sometimes you just have to invent a story, even if that story has to be 10,000 words long! In this situation you would just have to hope no one actually reads your dissertation!

  7. Adding random chemicals to other random chemicals to see if anything happens.

    Science dissertations may seem as if they are all about new discoveries, but really they are just a series of random experiments with accidental results. Some of the most important discoveries in History have been found by accident so how will you know if you don’t try? After all, even Einstein got things wrong!

  8. Earplugs make sound less loud.

    Sometimes the best option is: when in doubt, state the obvious! This may seem like a no-brainer, but at least you’ll be certain that you can prove your theory! Like this funny dissertation topic?

  9. The world might exist; the world might not exist.

    This is a suggestion for all philosophy students. Since there is no possible yes or no answer to this hypothesis, it’s an excellent way to write 10,000 words without having to come to a definite conclusion.

  10. Thou shalt check thyself before thou wrecks thyself: modernised Shakespeare

    Are all the good dissertation topics taken? Why not choose something everyone can relate to. If in your opinion, Shakespeare belongs in the past, why not write a revolutionary dissertation to drag him into the present!?



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