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Failed your assignment?  Doing a Resit? This time you’ve got to pass.

We know how hard this is – a lack of support from your tutor and the pressure of knowing that this could be your last attempt can make your resits extremely difficult.

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If you have failed your assignment you are often given the option to retake / resubmit it (if you have not been offered an opportunity to resit you may actually appeal against this – check at your Student Union). The pressure of knowing that this may be your last attempt can make resitting your assignment very difficult. Another factor adding to the pressure is that your resit assignment will be assessed separately and will have a lot of attention paid to it, since you failed it the first time. It is, therefore, vitally important for you to submit a top quality resit assignment.

We understand that when doing your assignment resit, it is essential for you to ensure that your work answers the question / task correctly. We will, therefore, ensure that your order is given to the very best available writer. You will also have an opportunity to discreetly exchange messages with your writer to address any issues/questions that may arise.

When retaking your assignment it is essential that you refer to all your lecture notes, previous assignment tasks and any other course materials – and we will ask you to provide any available information before we start writing your resit assignment. We may also ask you to provide a copy of your failed assignment to ensure your writer fully understands why you failed your assignment the first time. This will help them to complete your resit assignment to your expectations. Don’t trust just anyone with something as crucial as your assignment resit, trust Ivory Research – we have experts ready and waiting to help you. Don’t risk failing again, place your order today!

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