Sport Essay Topics

Sport remains a fundamental aspect in the lives of many populations whether this is on a recreational, fan or elite level basis. Due to the vast array of issues present in sport from a sociological perspective as well as other areas relating to development, performance and coaching, there are a range of areas that can help you to engage in an effective essay topic. Here are some ideas, including some relating to prominent debates currently within sport.


Current Debates Sport Essay Topics

In the world of sport, there are many debates in different sports, with many currently focusing on the introduction of a European Super League in Football and the rules being implemented ahead of the 2021 Olympic Games in Tokyo. These topics below are some ideas that may support your topic selection:

  • How would the introduction of a European Super League impact domestic football leagues?
  • How has the cancellation of the Olympic Games impacted athletes?
  • Has the introduction of the ‘taking the knee’ in support of Black Lives Matter lost its impact in European football?
  • How has COVID-19 impacted fans experiences of their engagement in sport?
  • Should digital engagement in live sports be expanded in the future?
  • Should female and disability sport receive more funding during sport’s recovery from the pandemic?
  • How can sport be restructured to allow incidents of abuse to be reported and investigated more effectively?
  • Should there be an introduction of more stringent methods when new buyers of UK football clubs are taking over to prevent ‘sportwashing’?
  • What is E-Sports and what does the future of the sport look like?
  • What impact with the IOC amendment of Rule 50 have on athletes’ rights for freedom of expression at the Tokyo Olympic Games?

Sport Development Essay Topics

Sports development is essential at a grassroots level to ensure that a nation can succeed on the global stage. Over the past twenty years, many sports have invested a great deal of funding to support the development of the grassroots game in many sports. However, how this funding is handled has led to many debates arising regarding what the most appropriate methods to support player development are. Further, there have been questions raised around historic events and the impact this may have had on the modern-day development of sport. Here are some ideas which you may find interesting and enjoyable to write your essay:

  • How can coaches get the most out of their athletes at an academy level?
  • Has the FA’s project supported increased participation in girls’ football in England and what more can be done to support the development of the female game?
  • Did the banning of female football by the FA cause setbacks to the development of the ladies’ game?
  • What steps can be taken to increase the popularity of disability sports in the UK?
  • How do males and female adolescents differ in their motivations and drives to remain physically active?

Sports Doping Essay Topics

With the Olympic Games scheduled to start in the coming months, many discussions turn to the usage of doping to gain a competitive advantage and to win. This is a topic with a lot of published literature from a variety of sports; both Olympic and non-Olympic. Here are some examples of potential topics which can help you to form a stimulating essay:

  • The history of steroid use in bodybuilding and how this has impacted the public perspective of the sport.
  • How effective is the IOC’s approach to drug testing athletes?
  • What is the risk associated with doping and how many this impact future sporting performance?
  • Are parents a source of peer pressure for doping in adolescent athletes?
  • Analysing the main concepts of the World Anti-Doping Code and has it been effectively implemented into practice?

Specific Sport Essay Topics

Sometimes, if you have a particular interest in a specific sport, it can help to write about that sport directly. Whether it is a team or individual sport, there are many areas that can be explored and that you can develop a sound essay on. If you like the idea of being more sport-specific in your topic, here are some examples from popular sports:

Netball Essay Topics

  • How can female netball athletes reduce the risk of ACL injury?
  • Is the inclusion of jumping and landing exercises beneficial to netball performance?
  • How does playing position impact physical and sport demands of netball?

Cricket Essay Topics

  • What is the association between cricket injuries and commotio cordis?
  • Is the use of Hawk-eye effective in cricket matches?
  • What impact did Brian Lara have on the development of cricket on a national and global stage?

Football Essay Topics

  • Is the FIFA injury prevention programme effective?
  • What are the differences and similarities in male and female football?
  • How special is the ‘Special One’? An exploration into the life and career of Jose Mourinho and the impact he has had on Football on a global scale.

Tennis Essay Topics

  • How does personality impact the likelihood to exceed in tennis on an elite level?
  • How can effective training methods be implemented to enhance endurance performance in athletes?
  • How can youth athletes increase their preparedness for competition?



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