Opinion Essay Topics

Having an opinion is a normal part of life and something which should be celebrated! There is nothing quite like a good debate to help you formulate your opinions on specific subjects.

Writing an opinion essay can be a bit more challenging than having a verbal debate but choosing an interesting topic will help you to stay motivated.

The opinion essay topics below relate to music, sport, the environment, and current debates. Remember, some of these opinions may be transferable into other areas.


Music Opinion Essay Topics

Music has long been a passion for many, and the various styles of music have led to debates and opinions forming on the best type of music. However, aside from the styles, there are many different debates currently arising in music. Here are some ideas for you to consider when writing your next essay:

  • Spotify has ruined the music industry.
  • Older generations have a biased view of the greatness of rock music.
  • Popular Korean music is a fad in the UK.
  • Music is essential for psychological healing.
  • Woodstock remains the biggest festival ever.
  • Musicals should be given more praise.
  • Music is the most powerful force on Earth.
  • Older music is better than modern day music.
  • Rap music is influencing negative behaviours in youths.
  • Live music is an institution and should be experienced by everyone.

Sport Opinion Essay Topics

Regardless of the sport you are interested in, you are likely to have a range of opinions relating to teams, specific players, technology, and equipment relating to the game. Here are some potential ideas that you can use to form your next opinion piece relating to sport:

  • Grassroots sports increases the risk of broken dreams in young wannabe athletes.
  • Sport causes more trauma than normal life.
  • Exercise and healthy diets lead to poorer mental health.
  • Choking in professional golf should not happen.
  • American Football is a padded game of rugby with more rules, and less contact.
  • Cheerleading should be involved in more sports.
  • Heading the ball should not be taken out of training for children and adolescents in football.
  • E-Gaming should not be considered a sport.
  • Professional athletes should be paid based on their performance.
  • More support should be given to athletes’ mental health support.

Environment Opinion Essay Topics

The environment, and ways to preserve it for future generations, have led to intense debates over climate change, veganism, and associated issues. As highlighted by Gretna Thunberg, everyone should be concerned with the environment and preventing climate change. As controversial as she may be, she has every right to emphasise her opinion. You can do the same in various ways relating to the environment, and here are some examples:

  • Global warming is a hoax.
  • Diesel cars are not causing the world harm.
  • Green Peace do not care for the planet.
  • Fisheries will be depleted by 2040 if we do not act fast.
  • More funding is needed to prevent disasters occurring.
  • Electric cars are not as good as diesel and petrol.
  • Hunger strikes focus more on attention than the cause.
  • Globalisation is causing more harm than good.
  • Fishing boundaries should not be changed.
  • Animal hunting is not ethical.
  • The government hides the truth about damage to our climate.
  • The simplest way to reduce CO2 emissions is to switch to a plant-based diet.

Current Debates Opinion Essay Topics

There are many topical debates related to celebrities, the COVID-19 pandemic, health, lifestyle, race and discrimination, and spirituality. Indeed, there are literally thousands of topics you could choose from when writing your opinion essay. Here are just a few current debates to consider:

  • Social media has led to the death of childhood activities.
  • Social Media Influencers are increasing mental health illnesses in adolescents.
  • Older generations are biased in their opinions about work-life balance.
  • Modern fashion is a 90s catwalk.
  • Political strikes do not achieve anything beneficial in the long-term.
  • Slavery remains a prominent element in US culture.
  • Online trolls should be banned offline and face fines.
  • Freedom of speech is preached more in unnecessary situations that actual situations where it can be applied.
  • The pandemic has led to greater deterioration in student hygiene.
  • Meditation is difficult and awkward.

We hope this has provided you with some inspiration for writing your next opinion essay. If you’re still struggling for a topic, why not check out News sites like BBC News, or Television shows like ‘This Morning’ or even browse new videos on YouTube – these are the ideal places to find topical issues to pique your interest.



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