Narrative Essay Topics

Completing a narrative essay topic can be very insightful, as there are numerous avenues for potential study. Moreover, the direction of these essays is boundless, which can help provide unique and novelle findings. Although the scope of narrative essays is limitless, there are six main categories that can help provide an interesting topic for a narrative essay, including social media, sports & games, personal, music & entertainment, psychology, and gender roles.


Social Media Narrative Essay Topics

Social media is perhaps one of the most polarising digital technology in the modern world, with it attracting billions of users globally across multiple platforms. This instantly presents opportunity to narratively explore how social media is being used by individuals across the world. Furthermore, this can range from simply understanding how individuals use social media, to a more personalised account of determining how individuals create and establish their own online profiles.

  • A critical analysis of student use of social media and why students delete their social media accounts.
  • Buyer’s Remorse: An analysis into the decision process for deleting published social media posts.
  • An evaluation on the rise of social media in third world countries.
  • How can you define your social media profile and personality?
  • Do parents gatekeep their children’s social media activity?

Sports & Games Narrative Essay Topics

As narrative essay topics aim to provide a written account of events, there are plentiful opportunities for narrative essay topics in the field of sports and games. Moreover, these essay topics can be adapted to any specific sports and help to contextualise how individuals view sports or specific sporting teams. This also applies for video games, although there are many interesting essay topics in this field for exploring the relationship between video games and mental health.

  • How do individuals choose which football team to support?
  • Is there any tangible relationship between video game playtime and violence?
  • What are some of the most iconic childhood games?
  • Retro gaming consoles vs modern generation gaming consoles: An overview of gaming evolution.
  • Does Pokémon Go encourage socialising amongst gamers?

Personal Narrative Essay Topics

Due to the nature of narrative essay topics, there are also many opportunities to complete personal narrations. This aims to explore things such as how to positively manage mental health, whether individuals are still inclined to read and write, or why many young people aspire to be online influencers. All these areas can also be linked into other key literary topics, such as social media or psychology.

  • What are some of the favourite modern novels for younger generations?
  • Are literacy rates decreasing in an ever-increasing digital world?
  • An investigation into the rise in population of becoming an online influencer.
  • How are younger generations using Tik Tok as a means of socialising and communication?
  • Are journals still being used as a tool to manage mental health?

Music & Entertainment Narrative Essay Topics

Similarly to sports and games, there are also many opportunities for narrative essay topics in the field of music and entertainment. This can help to identify the impact that music has for many individuals, such as on their mental health or desire to socialise. Music and entertainment ultimately have a significant impact on the day-to-day lives of many individuals, with it being important to understand the positive influence that music has for many across the globe.

  • What is the most common genre of music to listen to whilst socialising?
  • An analysis into the most influential pop singers of the 21st century.
  • Music in theatre: A critical analysis of the development of world-famous musicals.
  • An investigation of the growth of modern hip-hop culture across Latin America.
  • How can music help to support positive mental health?

Psychology Narrative Essay Topics

The human psyche has changed dramatically over the last few decades, with this giving rise to many opportunities to further understand human psychology. This can be both from a social and professional perspective, such as whether employees demand more from their employers now than in the past, or how people can stay motivated. Moreover, these topics suit a narrative essay style as it can provide a comprehensive account of how human psychology has evolved.

  • Nature vs Nurture: How does one’s upbringing impact their adulthood?
  • Do Chinese parents put more pressure on their children compared to American parents.
  • Do employees expect more from their employers now than in the 1960s?
  • An evaluation of the psychological contract in practice.
  • How can students sustain motivation throughout University?

Gender Roles Narrative Essay Topics

A final interesting topic area for narrative essays is gender roles, with this having evolved tremendously over the past few decades. This provides ample opportunity to explore key dynamics in gender roles, such as the gender pay gap, how the opposite sexy can get opportunities in gender dominated industry, and whether there are preferences to male or female start in popular entertainment.

  • An evaluation of female harassment in Latin America.
  • How can more opportunities be given to females and males in gender dominated industries?
  • An investigation into females working in male dominated industries.
  • Do viewers prefer male or female movie starts?
  • An analysis into the existence of the gender pay gap.



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