Fun Essay Topics

2020 and 2021 have been years that will be difficult to forget anytime soon, but they have provided us with some interesting writing topics based on areas including teaching, social media, politics and the internet. The topics listed below provide you with some upbeat and modern themes which you believe are fun and will be both interesting and enjoyable to write about. Each section has 6 different topics and may act as a source of inspiration for your essay.


Current Affairs and Fun Essay Topics

In the modern day, there are many topics which are popular globally, and the occurrence of COVID-19 has led to some changes in the way we live our lives. Within the list, some of these changes are addressed such as changes relating to the way we live, date, and how our beliefs may have changed due to the additional time on our hands. Below, are some examples of current affairs topics that may interest you:

  • Is online dating the new norm in a post-covid world?
  • Understanding why music taste differs across various global areas.
  • Has COVID-19 led to an increased spotlight being placed on vaccine hesitancy?
  • What causes procrastination in university students?
  • Should social distancing measures be maintained following the pandemic?
  • Is reading the book better than watching the movie?

Social Media and Fun Essay Topics

Social media has been a prominent element of many people’s lives for well over a decade and this arises some questions about their place in society and why people form in extreme cases an addiction to social media. Whether it’s the good, the bad, or the ugly, social media has many uses in the modern day, which places it as a prominent platform for many globally. Here are some ideas of some fun essay topics relating to social media:

  • Is social media a benefit or hinderance to society?
  • Why do people enjoy tik-tok videos so much?
  • Why do people invest in the lives of social media influencers?
  • Is social media an effective fundraising tool?
  • Should employers look at candidates social media before allocating an interview?
  • Do people mainly use social media to post or to observe?

Education and Fun Essay Topics

One of the most discussed areas since the pandemic started relates to education due to the profound impact experienced at each stage. However, there are many fun topics that can be discussed around education including the introduction of a practical based curriculum to support students’ development. Here are some ideas that may interest you:

  • The difficulties faced by teachers to adjust to the ‘new normal’.
  • How did teachers make learning fun during virtual learning?
  • Should school be more fun and practical based?
  • Should schools start later and end earlier?
  • Is the current curriculum wasting the potential of students?
  • Should UK schools become more like US schools?

Lifestyle and Fun Essay Topics

Lifestyle incorporates many elements and can provide an area to flourish for topic selection. Whether it relates to the modern day status of celebrities or the presence of sexism in the workplace, lifestyle incorporates many elements that interest the population. These topics provide some insight into the wide range of areas which lifestyle encompasses, and you may wish to explore:

  • Should adolescents be encouraged to become social media influencers?
  • Are beauty influencers positively impacting the lives of their followers?
  • Are celebrities as influential in the modern day compared to previous decades?
  • Does Music taste impact personality?
  • Should men become more domesticated to help tackle gender inequality?
  • Why does sexism still exist in the modern day?

Miscellaneous Fun Essay Topics

To finish off the list of potential fun topics, these titles are a bit more of a random selection that incorporates a range of areas from the impact of first impressions – whether it’s with a partner’s family or for a job interview, to the likelihood of a school dropout being more successful in life than someone who completes education. In these topics, there are endless possibilities and can also duo up as an opinion piece:

  • Why clowns are the scariest horror villain of all times?
  • Do first impressions really matter?
  • Is organic food really that much better for humans?
  • Is it possible for animals to communicate with humans?
  • Are school dropouts more likely to succeed in life?
  • Is efficiency more important than effectiveness?



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