Discursive Essay Topics

Discursive essays allow you to explore and evaluate a subject from multiple perspectives. These are wonderful opportunities for students to express their opinions and to indicate to their tutor that they have a rounded, well-researched perspective. These are open-ended topics that allow you to engage with your reader while also encouraging you to present contrarian views. The beauty of these topics is that there is no predetermined answer or conclusion and thus, the validity of your argument is the determining factor of your success. All you have to do is present a strong argument and you will end up securing a good grade. Every field of study has the opportunity of presenting discursive essays. Some of these are presented below to give you an idea of how you can select a topic for your assignment.


Business Management Discursive Essay Topics

The world of business management is full of contrarian views, none of which are incorrect. The richness of perspectives in approaching topics naturally allows for a discursive exploration of fundamental management theories. Some examples to get you thinking are offered below.

  • The 4Cs of marketing is merely a rebranding on the 4Ps of marketing and do not add any value. Discuss.
  • Creating shareholder value by corporate restructuring does not yield any real increase in the value of the company. Discuss.
  • Legal businesses are not always ethical and this distinction is detrimental for society. Offer both sides of the argument and justify your opinion.
  • Discuss the implications of the movement of the financial markets during the pandemic lockdowns. What insights do they provide regarding the factors affecting market movement?
  • Corporate social responsibility has failed to fulfil its fundamental objective of improving how companies interact with society and its resources. Discuss.

Sustainable Living and Circular Economies Discursive Essay Topics

The world is increasingly becoming more conscious of the ecological impact of their activities. This area is relatively unexplored and offers a rich opportunity to you to play the devil’s advocate. If you can present a credible argument for or against sustainable living, you will be the creator of an engaging, interesting, and relevant essay.

  • Discuss whether the burden of low-waste living should be on the consumer or the producers of goods and services.
  • A circular economy is detrimental to capitalism. Discuss.
  • Sustainable living is not really sustainable or clean for the environment and causes more harm than good. Discuss.
  • Is the movement towards minimalism contradictory to the movement of sustainable living?

Economics and Global Markets Discursive Essay Topics

The world is driven by money and trade. As such, there is always a fresh, new topic in the field of economics that you can discuss in detail. The only thing you should be mindful of, while choosing a topic, is to focus on the recent topics that are being considered. Focusing on newer issues allows you to discuss a topic with real examples, which makes for a much better essay than one that relies purely on academic theories.

  • The current trade wars merely prove that deglobalization is gaining traction. Discuss whether they are motivated by economic growth or politics?
  • Will the pandemic create a greater demand for deglobalization? Discuss how the impact of the pandemic will affect the world’s reliance on a globalized economy.
  • Decreasing global reliance on oil and coal will change the economic landscape of the world. Evaluate how different countries will be affected by transitioning to cleaner sources of energy.
  • Discuss how Brexit could potentially lead to the dissolution of the United Kingdom and its ramifications for the country’s economy.
  • The global lockdowns led to a decline in the economic growth of countries reliant on tourism but also helped the habitat improve. The UK has recently acknowledged the importance of biodiversity in a country’s economic growth. Discuss whether the economic cost of the lockdowns is justified under the ideology of the Dasgupta review.
  • How can economies improve economic growth in the aftermath of the pandemic? Discuss the changes that would be required at macro levels.
  • Discuss the effectiveness of the relief measures implemented by the WHO during the pandemic.

Social Media and Social Media Influencers Discursive Essay Topics

It is unlikely that social media will see any reduction in academic interest anytime soon. So why not hop onboard and write a discursive essay that questions the very fundamentals of the industry? You’re sure to gain new insights that will help you increase your knowledge.

  • Social media influencing makes other forms of digital media marketing irrelevant and unnecessary. Discuss.
  • Sponsored content on social media platforms is not conducive to influencing customer decisions. Discuss whether the statement is true or not using empirical evidence.
  • Why does clickbait content continue to be popular? How do consumers react to them and why do companies continue to encourage influencers to create them?
  • What would the world of social media look like if comparison advertisement was prohibited?
  • Discuss the consumer implications of a company’s continued partnership with specific influencers on the firm’s brand image.
  • Discuss how social media has driven the health and nutrition industry in the last decade.
  • Discuss how the lockdowns during the pandemic affected the travel influencers.

Gender Diversity and Labour Markets Discursive Essay Topics

Like economics, gender diversity continues to be an important area that requires discussion. An essay on any of these topics will further discussion on important factors that have implications for humanity, organisations, and social values. If that isn’t thrilling enough for you to select a topic in this category, what would be?

  • The work from home trend of 2020 does not encourage a healthy work-life balance for employees. Discuss whether this is true or not.
  • Discuss the various ways in which organisations can work to reduce the gender and ethnicity gap in the workforce.
  • Discuss whether team-building activities lead to a waste of organizational resources.
  • Discuss changes that should occur in the working conditions of workers who are essential to the functioning of society.
  • Discuss how codes of conduct and dress codes in the workplace are misogynistic and intrinsically favour male employees.
  • Why does it continue to be important to empower employees of colour in the workplace?
  • Discuss how fair, safe, and equitable workplaces can be created in the aftermath of the pandemic.



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