Creative Essay Topics

Choosing to write a creative essay offers a broad array of possibilities for a student to be able to show the full extent of their writing skills. When it comes to considering creative essays that are submitted today, the majority of educational establishments want to see a student able to select a creative topic that they are able to write about effectively as part of the continuing development of a discipline that has such a variety of avenues to pursue.

The examples of potential essay titles that are set out below explore a number of different areas where it is possible for a student to show originality in their thinking and connect with the subject matter in a manner that is interesting to the reader.


Life, Family and You

When it comes to writing a creative essay, an interesting topic could include their family, themselves and/or particular aspects of their lives. This is because it offers a very unique opportunity to write about things that either you and/or very few other people will know about. The list of topics that are set out below show the kinds of essays that are currently set for assessment today:

  • The moment that I knew that I was no longer a child.
  • The life that I wished that I had led.
  • What if my mother had been my father and my father had been my mother?
  • The lessons that I wish that I had learned when I was a child.
  • What my family has taught me.
  • Would I trade my family for my best friend’s family?
  • What is the most important relationship that you have in your life?

Contemporary Social Issues

Another interesting area to write about creatively would be contemporary social issues because they are considered to offer an opportunity to present a different viewpoint that others may not have expressed. The list of topics that are set out below show the kinds of essays that are currently set for assessment today:

  • Where do binary relationships fit in the context of the understanding of modern family?
  • Is there a minimum age when children should be permitted to use social media?
  • In view of issues like the Coronavirus pandemic, do individuals’ rights of autonomy always outweigh those of the wider society that they are a part of?
  • Is there still a place for smacking when parenting a child?
  • Could soft core pornography be used to teach children about sex?
  • Is there a parenting style that actually works?
  • How does the current prevalence of social media serve to influence people within contemporary society?
  • Would homophobia and racism in sport be more effectively dealt with by the police than sports governing bodies?

Creative Fiction

Music, film, television and literature all offer potentially interesting areas of study for students to be able to write about creatively. This is because it offers a writer the opportunity to juxtapose one set of ideas with another so as to then state what lessons may be learned as a consequence. The list of topics that are set out below show the kinds of essays that are currently set for assessment today:

  • What are the key social lessons that children may be able to learn from the Disney movie ‘Raya and The Last Dragon?
  • Which of Marvels Avengers team of superheroes is my hero and why?
  • What are the similarities and differences between Adolf Hitler’s ‘Final Solution to the Jewish Question’ during World War II and Thanos’ goal in the movie ‘Avengers: Infinity Wars’?
  • What are the key life lessons that may be learnt by teenagers from the songs in Dua Lipa’s most recent album ‘Future Nostalgia’?
  • To what extent does the way in which David Walliams’ book ‘Code Name Bananas’ depicts what happened in England during World War reflect contemporary social issues?
  • Why are Aziraphale and Crowley really the villains in the recent television adaptation of Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman’s book, ‘Good Omens’?
  • To what extent can it be said that The Beatles ‘The White Album’ served to influence Lady Gaga’s latest album, ‘Chromatica’ and what does this say about music’s development or lack thereof?
  • Regardless of what the actual villain does, why is Daniel Craig really an anti-hero in each of the films where he has played James Bond and what does this say about the way that society currently interprets heroism?

The Natural World

When looking for an appropriate topic to write about in a creative essay, from the plants to the animals, through to the wider environment, the natural world around us offers a broad myriad of potential titles to use creatively. The list of topics that are set out below show the kinds of essays that are currently set for assessment today:

  • What does your favourite animal say about your character?
  • What are the key lessons that everyone should learn from the natural world?
  • What lessons could society learn from the way in which wolves interact as part of a pack?
  • How would you describe our planet to an alien?
  • What would it be like to live in the desert or the arctic?
  • How would you describe a dog to someone that has never seen one before?
  • Imagine you are fish. What is your life like?

Unusual and Imaginative

Sometimes an institution that assesses creative writing will want to see a title that is so unusual and imaginative that it will actually make the assessor WANT to read every last word because it is something that they have never seen before. Therefore, it is important to also show that you can think in ways that may be very few other people can. The list of topics that are set out below show the kinds of essays that are currently set for assessment today:

  • What would you do if your hands were your feet and your feet were your hands?
  • Imagine you are a chocolate bar. What kind of chocolate bar are you and who would you like to eat you?
  • How would you feel if you were the last person on Earth because everyone else had left because they did not like you?
  • Would you want to live a thousand years? Why?
  • Imagine you are the last fertile man or woman on Earth. What would you do?
  • If any part of your body could be made robotic, what would it be and why?



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