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How to Write a Post Graduate Essay

A post-graduate essay is one which goes beyond the level of undergraduate thinking to demonstrate a higher level of independent thought. In other words, you should be able to show your reader that you have …

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How to Analyse Secondary Data for a Dissertation

Secondary data refers to data that has already been collected by another researcher. For researchers (and students!) with limited time and resources, secondary data, whether qualitative or quantitative can be a highly viable source of …

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How to Write a Critical Review

Are you struggling with understanding the requirements of a critical review? Too often what should be a critical review becomes a descriptive summary which loses marks. The most proficient critical reviews are those which demonstrate analysis …

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How to Answer a Discuss Essay

When an essay title includes the word ‘Discuss’, this means that you are being asked to debate the subject of the essay. In other words, you need to be able to demonstrate that you have …

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How to Write a Good Debate Essay

When the word “debate” occurs in an essay title, you are being asked to examine a subject in which there are opposing views. The aim is that your essay will lead to support for one …

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How to Write A Good Business Essay

The aim of business writing may vary depending on the assignment and can include the need to inform or persuade. Essays differ from business reports, which will have distinct sub-sections and sub-headings. Generally, essays do …

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How to Critically Analyse

When given assignments, students often panic when they read the words ‘critically analyse’, because they are unsure what this means. Our aim is to clarify this and give you some tips on how to critically …

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How To Write an Overview of an Essay

An overview of an essay is not a reproduction of the original, which is a common mistake many students make. An overview is a piece of writing which aims to deliver an understanding of the …

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How To Write a Discussion Essay

The term “discussion” literally means to converse or debate about a particular topic. So, when you are asked to write a discussion essay the requirement is to examine both sides of a problem, theoretical stance …

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