Top five dissertation topics of 2017 vs 2018

One of the most common issues that students tend to seek help and guidance from professional dissertation writing services involves the selection of a good dissertation topic. Choosing a topic may sound easy and straightforward. However, this is one of the most important decisions that students make and which will, unavoidably, define their own professional path and allow them to fulfill their own dreams. Furthermore, it is equally important for students to keep track of all hot trends and dissertation topics that can indeed make a difference in their field and which can allow them to acquire significant experience and expertise. This is exactly why our dissertation writers have decided to present you a comparison between the top dissertation topics in 2017 and 2018 in order motivate you when choosing your topic:

Top dissertation topics of 2017
Top dissertation topics of 2018

How criminal laws have been impacted around the world by the war on terror?
Despite the fact that the war on terror has been a marked reality for the last 15 years, criminal laws are now adjusting to this cold fact. A dissertation topic that investigates their impact on the world is bound to evaluate their efficiency and whether there are leaps or gaps that need to be amended.
The impact of social media on consumer behaviour
The latest news about the role that Facebook played in the 2016 United States presidential elections has been one of the hottest issues this year, especially since Facebook’s owner admitted that his own data was shared by Cambridge Analytica. Despite the fact that this topic has been well examined, such news has triggered a new discussion about the true impact of priming and the use of sensory marketing aspects to affect consumer behaviour.

Lower level misdemeanors and mass incarceration: innovative community policing models and diversion programs.
This topic is more suitable to our US students because the US is currently having the greatest rates when it comes to the unnecessary jailing of lower level misdemeanors. Hence, it is important to evaluate this issue and propose distinct recommendations based on innovative community policing models where the police have to express trust and transparency in the communities that they serve and the application of efficient diversion programs.
The development of innovative Flight Deck Human Interface (HMIs) in aviation safety
Modern aircrafts increasingly rely on automation in order to promote an efficient operation that also enhances the safety of both aviation personnel and passengers. However, automation has also been linked with several potential hazards that are almost always intertwined with the dominant effect of human errors. Therefore, it is essential to identify potential risks in automation dependency and evaluate potential safety issues stemming from this automated process.

An analysis of how e-publishing is affecting libraries
The comfort of reading a book online and at your own pace and disposal has certainly affected our daily lives. However, this ease of access with which readers can lay their eyes on virtually everything they want to read is having a significant impact on libraries as well. Hence, this topic investigates the impact of e-publishing on libraries and the steps we need to take so that libraries will not become an obsolete collection of sources of information.
The legalisation of illegal narcotics for treating anxiety disorders
This is a relatively old topic. However, and following the legalisation of medical marijuana in many countries, prescriptions have dropped for many drugs. Therefore, it is important to critically assess the impact of illegal narcotics on various anxiety disorders including depression, and whether this is merely a worldwide trend or an effective means that propels their effective treatment.

Understanding the psychology of religion
Religion has historically defined the identity of individuals. However, nowadays religion is also a means of discrimination and profiling, especially as a result of the European migration crisis and of Brexit. Hence, this topic intends to evaluate the psychology of religion and identify the underlying reasons that propel religious fanaticism.
The introduction of laws to prevent bullying at schools
Since the beginning of 2018, there have been many adolescents that committed suicide because of bullying at school. This comes to highlight the necessity to introduce a legal framework that can protect student from bullying that is based on race, colour, sex, disability, or religion, especially in cases where it overlaps with harassment.

Evaluating underground seismic noise for future gravitational-wave detectors
The 2017 Nobel Prize in Physics was about the observation of gravitational waves by means of LIGO detectors. Therefore, this has become a particularly thriving issue that will continue to develop both its theoretical and practical aspects, and hence a great dissertation topic.
Sexual harassment in the workplace: the #MeToo movement
A lot of discussions have been generated as a result of the #Me Too movement that spread virally over the last couple of months as a hashtag in social media in order to effectively demonstrate the prevalent rates of sexual harassment and assault in the workplace. Therefore, research needs to evaluate the effectiveness of this movement, whether it can deter potential assaulters or not, but to also identify any potentially negative consequences stemming from this movement.


Top dissertation topics are a great start to your dissertation, but remember, your topic also needs to be manageable, achievable and interesting! Get your own top dissertation topics with our free service.



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