Public Relations Dissertation Topics


PR and Social Media Dissertation Topics

The public relations have moved their focus from traditional media such as print and radio to online, and especially to social media platforms from Facebook and Twitter to the latest favourite, Instagram. The key reason for this shift is the exponential rise in the consumption of social media by people. This section explores how the PR landscape is changing as a result of this and how it needs to adapt in order to become influential on these social media platforms.

  • To study the changes in public relations campaigns on social media as compared to traditional media.
  • To analyse the key factors for evaluating campaign success of online Public Relations on Instagram and Facebook.
  • To evaluate the effectiveness of influencers as a public relations tool on social media platforms.
  • A case study to evaluate how influencers built their own brand using social media as a PR tool.
  • To decipher the ROI for social media PR campaigns.
  • To determine the marketing and PR skills required by the new professionals in conducting successful PR campaign using social media.
  • To derive key determinants of crisis and reputation management on social media.
  • To study how mobile-based consumption of social media is affecting the PR activities of major brands.
  • Rise of social media based public relations: A case study of UAE/Saudi Arabia/Qatar (any Middle Eastern country).
  • Paid PR: How can SMEs (small and medium enterprises) achieve brand penetration on social media using paid PR?

Public Relations in practice

This section deals with the challenges faced by the PR industry today as well as the challenges it needs to overcome or the areas in which it can create a real impact in a society and the role it can play in achieving this.

  • A case study to understand if public relations is still a male-dominated profession and what needs to be done to promote gender equality.
  • A study to analyse the extent of participation of a PR professional in creating marketing and branding strategy.
  • A study to evaluate if the digital media shift of the PR by major brands reduced the inequality and increased inclusivity of people.
  • To study the impact of public relations campaigns on the perceived service quality of hospitality businesses.
  • To understand the effectiveness of traditional media, mainly television as a PR tool in 21st Century.
  • A study of brands that have failed to switch their PR to digital and social media and suffered their brand reputation and identity.
  • To evaluate the lack of effectiveness and determinants of failure of UK government regarding the COVID-19 pandemic.

Future of Public Relations

The move from print and television to digital happened a few years ago and changed the dimensions of public relations for ever. Now, with the pandemic, and the need to work from home, there has been an unprecedented rise in the OTT platforms such as Netflix, Amazon, Disney Plus and so on. These platforms are now considered to be the future of PR. This section explores research topic relating to this exciting new PR opportunity.

  • Are the OTT platforms the latest PR tools? A case of Netflix and how it can be used as a PR tool.
  • The case of how Hotstar, a local OTT platform, changed PR landscape in India.
  • How online platform users are creating ‘fake news’ and damaging the reputation of brands.
  • The role of digital PR in impacting political decision making and elections: Case of US elections of 2016 and 2020.
  • To determine the use of social media as a political tool by political parties in the US and UK.
  • To evaluate the steps taken by digital platforms to stop fake news that can damage reputation, incite violence, or create a false narrative: A case study of Twitter.
  • A study to understand the role big data can play in shaping the future public relations campaigns.
  • An explorative study to understand if public relations using digital media have lost moral and ethical values.
  • To study the measurement of engagement in public relations campaigns online.
  • To evaluate the ‘grey areas’ in digital PR and evaluate their impact on public perception of brands.
  • To understand how the best brands are using PR mix to maximize the engagement with their target markets: A case study of Nike.
  • What will be the future of public relations after pandemic and fake news? An explorative study.
  • To explore the role of digital media platforms in bringing social change by using them as public relations tools.



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