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Today, social media plays a very important part in society. Various different social media tools are used for online communication, collaboration and business. The hive of activity surrounding social media combined with the rich potential for different ways in which current technology can be used presents the researcher with vast opportunities for research.

Dissertation research in the field can be highly interdisciplinary; from very technical topics about social media technologies to research in the way this technology has influenced society and human beings. Researchers will find it easy to come up with topics in social media research on current issues that merit empirical research, as well as having enormous practical significance.

Instagram is one of the major social media platforms today, which allows mobile photo and video capture and sharing. Millions of photos are uploaded to Instagram every day by its user base, which also runs into the millions. It is one of the top 50 websites on the planet and has a phenomenal growth rate. Instagram also presents users with many different opportunities for promotion of their business.

Treat yourself – write a dissertation on Instagram

Instagram offers students many different avenues for dissertation research; from investigation of the social dynamics of the users to the possibilities for monetisation to the study of the underlying technology. In spite of its popularity there is little empirical research on Instagram. This means researchers in the field have the opportunity to conduct research that answers fundamental and critical questions.

Who uses Instagram and what are their motivations?

One of the main open issues in Instagram is to understand the user base. This topic aims to understand the users, classifying them by the type of photos they share and upload and their motivations in doing so. This will help marketers to target the right audience for their marketing efforts.

How can Instagram users be classified?

This topic seeks to examine the content that is shared on Instagram and find common characteristics between the photos and other user characteristics such as number of followers, gender of the user, frequency of posts, etc. It will seek to identify different classes of content and determine how well users can be classified based on the content they share on Instagram.

What makes an Instagram user popular?

This research will seek to examine the most popular Instagram users and they content they post in order to understand what makes them so appealing to their demographics. This research will help to understand the Instagram audience as well as individual preferences in today’s society.

Visualisation of Socio-Temporal-Spatial Patterns on Instagram

This research seeks to understand the various patterns of social communication that takes place on Instagram. It will seek to plot the data from Instagram content uploads in graphical form so as to give a meaningful larger picture that will help the researcher to understand the patterns of social communication that are unique to Instagram, as well as characteristic of society today.

The Dangers of Instagram

This exploratory research will examine the current problems surrounding the use of Instagram. As one of the social media platforms used by a large number of young users, Instagram can pose many dangers to the privacy of individuals as well as the safety of its young users. This research will identify the major dangers associated with the use of Instagram and identify how these can be safeguarded.

Ethical Social Media Service Provision

This research will seek to examine the current ethical problems associated with the business model of Instagram and the platform itself. It will look at the past history of the app; from its birth as a free mobile app, to its takeover by Facebook and all the consequent ethical issues that arise as threats to individual privacy, control over individual lives and businesses by a private entity, censorship issues, etc.

Social Media Network Mapping: Instagram

This research will seek to explore and understand how social media networks are formed on Instagram. It will map the rise of a number of popular Instagram icons and understand the cause and effect of the content shared by these users. This research will contribute to understanding how users are connected to each other on Instagram.

Cyberbullying on Instagram

This research seeks to explore the phenomenon of cyberbullying on Instagram. It will explore the manner in which cyberbullying takes place on Instagram, and how it can be prevented. The research will identify ways in which Instagram can help to prevent cyberbullying from taking place on its premises.

Copyright Issues on Instagram

This research topic seeks to explore the copyright issues on the Instagram platform. It is a platform where millions of user-taken photos are shared without much consideration of copyright issues. However these pictures can also be shared, and monetised, allowing some people to generate income from this content. This research will clarify the copyright issues surrounding the sharing of content on Instagram.

The Economics of Instagram

This research will seek to explore how individuals make money on Instagram and the various opportunities for electronic commerce on Instagram. It will explore the business models of companies that rely heavily on Instagram for their business and identify new ways in which Instagram can contribute to business models.

#FreeTheNipple: Instagram and its double standards towards body image

This dissertation aims to explore the double standards of nudity in society, particularly focusing on Instagram who censor female nipples while allowing male nipples free reign. It will draw upon the differences that are evident in body image and nudity between the genders as a whole, how this is represented on Instagram and the possible impact of this on young females.

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