Geography Dissertation Topics

Geography is a fascinating topic, covering both physical and sociological issues. Concerns over climate change and the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic are perhaps the two most topical issues, but there are also many other important issues to consider. If you’re struggling to come up with an interesting geography dissertation topic, here are some options to consider.


Physical Geography

Smart and remote technology continues to develop and understanding their application and use continues to be applied across a range of areas from changes in land-use, pollution disaster risk management.

  • What is the environmental impact of reduced migration and tourism during the COVID19 pandemic?
  • Can current technology support Oceanic plastic pollution prevention and removal?
  • What are the most effective tools in reversing desertification in the 21st Century?
  • Can environmental conservation be used as a geopolitical tool for peacekeeping?
  • Can geospatial monitoring of flood risk regions play a role in policy decision making and preparation for severe weather events?
  • Can GIS and smart planning be used for agro-ecological zoning and crop type for sustainable development?
  • Can drone technology be used effectively to survey sea-bed topography and stability?
  • Can urban green spaces be used to reduce habitat fragmentation in cities?
  • How can GIS Mapping be used to inform real-time decision-making and mitigation of forest-fires?
  • Is rewilding neglected land a viable option for sustainable development?

Human Geography

The current impact of the COVID-19 pandemic both globally and locally will shape human geography agenda and research for years to come. Impacts range from changes to socio-economic, demographic, and geographical impacts and characteristics, natural resource security to understanding how human geography and citizen science can influence future evidence collation and decision-making.

  • What is the impact of socio-economic demographics on the adoption of low-carbon practices?
  • How has health Geography research influenced understanding and management of pandemics?
  • How can developing countries exploit the post-COVID restoration of Global Tourism?
  • How can understanding Socio-economic decision-making increase community resilience?
  • What is the geographical impact of changes to UK and European trade post-BREXIT? How has COVID19 lockdown impacted on future development of urban and rural transport infrastructure?
  • Is current green infrastructure development mitigating urban heat islands?
  • Has a global pandemic supported successful economic diversification in poorer regions?
  • Is the use of volunteered geographical information and the role of citizen science in geographical research a viable option in the future for climate change research?
  • Can methods to evaluate impact of outdoor recreation loads on rural communities and natural resources support sustainable development?
  • Is green infrastructure a priority for urban renewal?
  • Does current research effectively monitor health inequalities in rural areas?
  • Is geothermal technology a viable option for social housing and infrastructure in the UK?
  • Can commerce be used as an indicator of sustainable agriculture and food supply?
  • Can GIS be used to assess spatial equality in education?

Climate Change

The impact of climate changes and changes to the geopolitical dynamics continues to develop and whilst the science of its direct environmental impact continues to be understood more specifically there still remains a gap in identifying what mitigation measures must be put in place. With the COP26 (UN Climate Change) Conference later this year, a refreshed focus will be placed on planning and implementing socio-economic policy and decision making.

  • How does disruption to energy supplies affect Critical National Infrastructure and climate change risks?
  • Carbon pricing and its failure to reduce climate change – what next for carbon capture credit?
  • What are the Security implications of climate change in the UK?
  • Will climate migration impact urban development in the UK?
  • Is urban inequality between socio-economic groups increasing due to climate change and how can the gap be reduced?
  • How can science be used to differentiate between extreme severe weather events and sustained environmental change due to climate change?



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