Entrepreneurship Dissertation Topics

Entrepreneurship has become a ‘buzzword’ in recent years… Everyone wants to be one. And who can blame them? Being an entrepreneur sounds fun!

But what does it really mean to be an entrepreneur? How do you become one? And once you’ve launched a successful enterprise, how do you ensure sustainable growth? These are some of the broad themes that you could explore if you choose to write an entrepreneurship dissertation.

That said, let’s get on and explore some topical dissertation ideas for students studying entrepreneurship in 2021.


Theory-based topics

There are many theories relating to the topic of entrepreneurship, the key ones are Schumpeter’s Theory of Innovation, where he suggested that entrepreneurs are important because they disturb the flow and create new means of economic activity. The other one is Economic Theory of Entrepreneurship, which states that money is the main motive behind innovation. The following topics relate to these dominant theories.

  • To study the contribution of female entrepreneurs towards development of new services in the 21st Century.
  • To study the key qualities of entrepreneurs in development of new ‘unicorns’ (billion-dollar start-ups).
  • To understand the entrepreneur’s need for self-fulfilment through the study of academic papers.
  • An empirical study of the validity and importance of the established theories of entrepreneurship in the current era.
  • To study the factors or conditions that lead to innovation amongst housewives and mothers.
  • Can entrepreneurial spirit be the answer to unemployment in post-COVID world?
  • Can extreme social conditions and risks create entrepreneurs? A case of entrepreneurship and innovation during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Technology-based Dissertations

Entrepreneurs have been focused on the technology-based new products, start-ups and have managed to create paradigm shifts in the markets with their innovations. Technology has been the most important sector for entrepreneurs and deserves a section of its own, hence this section focuses on entrepreneurship and technology sector.

  • To study new methods of raising finance by entrepreneurs using crowdsourcing.
  • Challenge to traditional ways or great opportunity: The entrepreneurship in digital learning.
  • To study the role of technology in creating the entrepreneurs of the 21st Century.
  • Can technology be the answer for global pollution reduction: A case of electric cars by Tesla.
  • To evaluate the relationship between exposure to technology and entrepreneurial success: Study of entrepreneurs in India and USA.
  • To study the challenges encountered in creating a technological start-up in developing nations.
  • To study the role of technology in developing social entrepreneurship.
  • Study of how Israel developed framework of technological ecosystem to create the most successful tech start-ups in the world.

New Ideas

New and different topics that are taking the entrepreneurial world by storm will be discussed here as well as the role of family businesses that have been the budding grounds for entrepreneurs but have also hindered their growth.

  • To study the relationship between intrapreneurship and entrepreneurship.
  • Review of educational courses and the level of success rate of the entrepreneurs that attend them.
  • Role of entrepreneurs in the post-COVID world and the innovation in healthcare.
  • Entrepreneurship education and its impact on sustainability of family businesses: Case of Indian business families.
  • Role of entrepreneurship in healthcare to contend future pandemics.
  • Study to understand the importance of availability of microfinance in creating sustainable entrepreneurship ecosystem in developing nations.

Personal Qualities in Entrepreneurs

Qualities of entrepreneur has been one of the most thoroughly researched topics in this sector and many academics have tried to establish a relationship between qualities, skills and success in an entrepreneur, yet the key questions are still left unanswered. Hence this section focuses on entrepreneur as an individual and their skills and qualities.

  • To study the key skills and qualities that help an entrepreneur to overcome entrepreneurial failure.
  • Study to evaluate the role of culture in development of successful entrepreneurs: Case of China versus USA.
  • Study to understand if the skills and qualities are same or different for male and female entrepreneurs
  • Explorative study to determine the role of government support in developing entrepreneurship amongst women.
  • Study to understand the role of social media in creating entrepreneurs.
  • Are social media influencers the new entrepreneurs?
  • To study the perception of female entrepreneurs in a traditional family business setting.
  • Study to understand if international collaboration can lead to higher innovation.
  • Study of entrepreneurial contribution in reducing environmental impacts of businesses and industries.



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