Easy Dissertation Topics

If you’re looking for an easy dissertation topic, here are some potential ideas. It is important that you choose a topic that interests you as this will make the process a lot more enjoyable. Think about what area you want a career in and select a topic that is based in this area. Perhaps you want to work in geriatric care and want to know how you can prevent the occurrence of pressure ulcers in home-care settings. In this case, you could investigate the most effective ways to reposition patients. Below, here are easy dissertation topics relating to health care, nursing, social care and education.


Health Care

  • The effect of long working hours on mental tiredness in NHS nurses.
  • The role of exercise and diet on physical wellbeing.
  • What are the key factors in patient satisfaction in NHS hospitals?
  • How does teenage smoking affect health in later life?
  • How does poverty influence health status?
  • What is the role of health inequalities on health status in UK adults?
  • How does substance abuse impact health?
  • How do ethical and moral considerations impact NHS staff decision-making abilities?
  • What is the impact of racial and ethnic origin on accessing health services in the UK?
  • How does vaccine fear impact vaccine uptake in USA adults?

Social Care

Social care research can provide an opportunity to delve into various factors influencing the health and social care status of an individual or population or more so, how new technologies, previous failings and public vs. private sector care may change. When choosing a subject, consider what elements of social care are the most appealing to you and what you may want to focus to support your understanding and knowledge as a practitioner. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • How does technology impact the delivery of domiliciary care in the UK?
  • What factors impact adult care quality in private sector organisations?
  • What are the risk factors in youth violence and are prevention strategies effective?
  • Depression in care homes: Is this the new pandemic?
  • The impact of socio-economic inequalities on immigrants in the UK.
  • How does the social environment impact risky behaviour activities in British youth?
  • How has social care developed through policy change in the UK?
  • How to improve quality of life in care home residents.
  • How understanding poor practice can support future improvements in best practice: Learning from past cases including Baby P and Adult Q.
  • A critical analysis of the failings of Care facilities in adult care.


Nursing covers a range of areas and has a lot of different avenues for investigation. If you are looking for a straightforward subject, you may want to look at conducting a secondary research project by conducting a review into specific areas. This could be anything from understanding key principles of implementing best practice or understanding how patient’s define good quality care. Here are some examples of potential dissertation topics:

  • The role of leadership in improving newly qualified nurses performance in hospital acute ward.
  • The role of empathy in supporting family of terminally ill cancer patients.
  • The role of mental wellbeing and self-care in improving the psychological wellbeing of nurses.
  • What was the impact of COVID-19 on nursing performance?
  • Investigating the practices and challenges of palliative care nursing.
  • How does bedside management influence patient satisfaction and experience?
  • The role of the mental health nurse in caring for end-of-life care patients.
  • The perception of mandatory training to improve nursing practice in newly and senior nursing staff.
  • The influence of a DOULA on mothers in labour.
  • Examining the potential challenges of women undergoing pregnancy complications in the UK.
  • Understanding nursing perceptions of emergency room admittance: pre-and-post-COVID.
  • Caring for geriatric patients with multiple comorbidities: gaining the nurses’ perception on best practice.
  • The impact of stress, anxiety and lack of sleep on nursing performance in A&E.
  • What challenges are presented to paediatric nurses?


Education has continued to offer many avenues for investigation, with separate subject areas demonstrating new areas for consideration. If you are completing your dissertation in the field of education, consider which subject you wish to focus on – and whether you prefer primary, secondary, or higher education. Make sure it is an area that interests you and at one which you have some pre-existing knowledge to make sure you will have some more ease in completing your dissertation. Here are some examples of potential topics:

  • The role of learning styles in delivering physical education classes.
  • What is the role of mastery in secondary mathematics?
  • How can MFL teachers modify their practice to increase student engagement?
  • How does student voice influence student aspirations?
  • What is the association between achieve on social factors?
  • How does parents attitude toward education impact the ambition and engagement of their children?
  • How does policy impact education?
  • How does Rosenshine’s Principles of Instruction apply to the modern-day classroom?
  • Does bilingualism give students a greater advantage than those who are monolingual?
  • Has ‘narrowing the gap’ made a significant difference to the achievement of underachieving groups in Northern English Schools?
  • Does academy status support improvements to underperforming schools?



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